Mathias Veron vs Mattias Jorstedt

Round 4 Feature Match:

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Frenchman Mathias Veron is staring down Mattias "Did you know I made 3 top 8's last PT Season?"

Jorstedt - not quite the opponent he hoped for. He had only two byes so his deck has already proven itself, whereas Jorstedt hasn't had a chance to play his deck in the Grand Prix yet

Game 1

The letter J!orstedt won the flip, and chose to play first. His opening hand wasn't good enough for him, but settled for the six he received later on. A turn one Bonesplitter seems to provide him with a good start, but there was nothing to follow it up on his second turn. Veron on the other hand had Mirrodin's Wild Mongrel - Tel-Jilad Chosen.

Jorstedt replied with a potentially huge Skyhunter Cub. Veron put down a Spikeshot Goblin but had to take 5 from the Skyhunter Cub. Jorstedt had the Arrest for Veron's Spikeshot Goblin before the Frenchman had a chance to make it any bigger. Deconstruct dealt with Jorstedt's Bonesplitter and Veron made a Goblin War Wagon afterwards. Goblin Replica is Jorstedt's reply to the War Wagon, but Veron's Pyrite Spellbomb destroyed it before the Swede had the chance to destroy the War Wagon. Skyhunter Cub fell to a Terror and in the subsequent attack Jorstedt fell to 11 life. Taj-Nar Swordsmith fetched a Mask of Memory for Jorstedt, but that wouldn't be enough to stop Veron's Goblin War Wagon. Veron added a Leaden Myr to his side of the board, and took two from Jorstedt's equipped Swordsmith.

On his next turn, Veron forgot to untap his War Wagon, and could only attack for 3. However, a Goblin Charbelcher could prove to be fatal for the Swede, who immediately played out the Shatter he got from his Swordsmith. The white 2/3 hit again, giving Jorstedt more cards to try and come back in the game. Soldier Replica and Spikeshot Goblin were his next two plays, in an attempt to stop Veron's onslaught. It stopped two of the Frenchman's monsters, but Goblin War Wagon still hit the red zone. Soldier Replica jumped in front of it, preserving Jorstedt's precious 5 life. Jorstedt's Swordsmith went unblocked, and Veron retaliated by attacking with all his creatures. Spikeshot Goblin blocked Leaden Myr, shot the Tel-Jilad Chosen and Soul Nova dealt with the War Wagon. Another Soldier Replica hit Jorstedt's side of the board, but Tel-Jilad Exile was Veron's answer to the situation. However, Veron was at 7 life himself, and still needed more answers to the situation. His deck failed to provide him those in time and they shuffled up for game 2.

Jorstedt 1 - Veron 0

Game 2

This time it was Veron's turn to start, and he played a first turn Pyrite Spellbomb. Jorstedt had a Leonin Den-Guard on his second turn, and equipped it with a Mask of Memory on his next, starting his crazy card drawing engine again. Veron had a third turn Spikeshot Goblin after he had cycled his Pyrite Spellbomb, and a Deconstruct coupled with Vulshok Battlegear made that Spikeshot Goblin look rather nasty for Jorstedt. Goblin Replica was his best reply, hoping Veron wouldn't have the fourth land to both pump the Goblin and shoot his artifact. It wasn't to be however, with a Swamp on top of the Frenchman's library. Without another immediate answer to the Goblin, Jorstedt waited with his creatures until he had to preserve his life. Creature after creature fell to Veron's removal or his Spikeshot Goblin, and the game was over pretty soon after that.

Jorstedt 1 - Veron 1

Game 3

The start of game three was rather unconventional, with Veron playing out his Pyrite Spellbomb and Jorstedt Shattering it before the Frenchman had a chance to sacrifice it. It turned out that it was the right play, as Veron was stuck on two lands for the next few turns. Skyhunter Cub with Mask of Memory, Lightning Greaves and Bonesplitter featured Jorstedt's next two turns, and the pressure was on Veron to deal with a 5/3 untargettable flying monster - and that's rather hard in this format.

Jorstedt 2 - Veron 1

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