Mattias Jorstedt vs Federico Dato

Round 6 Feature Match:

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Federico Dato is an experienced Italian player who drove here all the way from Rome. He was still recovering from the 10 hour car drive but still managed to post an undefeated record after five rounds. Mattias Jorstedt obviously needs no introduction with two PT quarterfinals last year leading up to his eventual PT win in Yokohama, Japan. He even has more PT points than Kai right now!

Both players are 5-0 today and looking to make day 2 in good shape for an eventual top 8 finish.

Game 1

The letter F!ederico started out with two Leonin Scimitars and a Copper Myr to go with his Plains and Islands. He got one hit in before a Leonin Den-Guard equipped with a Bonesplitter and a Mask of Memory forced him to hold back. When he double blocked with his 3/3 Myr and a freshly summoned Lumengrid Augur, a Shatter took down both his creatures and the Den-Guard was the only creature entering the Red Zone for a while. A Goblin War Wagon further solidified Mattias' position.

A Domineer gave Federico a little breathing space but a Spikeshot Goblin from Mattias threatened to run away with the game. All Federico could do was moved his two Scimitars to the War Wagon to hold the fort for a while. He even decided to send it in the next turn and an absolutely devastating Soul Nova destroyed any semblance of hope Federico still had of salvaging this game. The equipped Spikeshot Goblin combined with the Den Guard and a Skyhunter Cub took the game soon afterwards.

Mattias 1 - Federico 0

Game 2

Game 2 was over before it even started as Federico made a mistake during sideboarding that left him with only 39 cards and got himself a game loss.

Mattias 2 - Federico 0

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