Franck Canu vs Damien Lacroix

Round 7 Feature Match:

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It's just getting to nine and this is the only the start of round seven. Surviving to day two will take endurance as well as luck and skill. French pro Franck Canu was fought to a draw in the last round while his opponent, the relatively unknown Damien Lacroix is on a precarious 5-1. With only one bye another loss will probably put Lacroix out of the tournament.

Game 1

The letter L!acroix won the coin toss and chose to make Canu go first. He got what he hoped as Canu was forced to mulligan. The first couple of turns were fairly uneventful as both players ramped up with myrs. Canu used his to drop another Myr and Empyrial Plate. Lacroix matched rares as the near invincible Troll Ascetic put in an appearance.

With five mane available Canu dropped a Skyhunter Cub and another piece of equipment - a Mask of Memory. Lacroix smashed with the Ascetic and added an Enforcer.

Canu tried to equib his cub, but Lacroix had an Aether Spellbomb sitting around for that eventuality and used it to effectively time walk his opponent. Lacroix started to seize control of the game, swinging for seven and then bringing out Tel-Jilad Archers to hold the fort.

Canu got to equip his cub and sent it in, looking for an answer with the Mask. Not much help came. Lacroix tried to win the game as Goblin Replica appeared with Lightning Greaves to zip in. Canu survived as Raise the Alarm produced enough soldiers to keep him in the game by his fingertips.

He attacked with the cub, again looking for answers through the Mask. Electrostatic Bolt blew up an Enforcer, but that was all Canu did.

Lacroix swung and again was thwarted, this time by a Needlebug that leapt out of Canu's hand. Canu hung on again. Now the French pro decided to take the iniative. He flipped the Empyrial Plate onto a mana Myr and sent it into the fray. The attack dropped Lacroix to two life and a Pyrite Spellbomb did the rest.

Canu 1-0 Lacroix

Game 2

Lacroix chose to go first this time. In a surprise move mountains and swamps started hitting the table rather than the forests and plains of last game. Otherwise it was relatively unchanged as both players found Myrs. Unfortunately Lacroix didn't have anything to ramp up to and got smashed by a Vulshok Berserker.

Mask of Memory exacerbated the situation as Lacroix dropped some fatties to try and rescue the situation. Bonesplitter made the Berserker trade with an Enforcer and Canu turned the screw as he summoned a scary Loxodon Punisher.

Then Canu made a horrible blunder. He equipped the Punisher with a Bonesplitter and sent it straight into Lacroix's freshly summoned Rustmouth Ogre. Canu had the Mask on the table and a Warhammer in hand but sent the Punisher in first. He could only shake his head as he put the Punisher into the bin.

When you have a Loxodon Warhammer it doesn't really matter though, especially when Lacroix was drawing only land. Raise the Alarm brought in a few soldier tokens and one of those gratefully picked up the Bonesplitter and Warhammer to bash the hapless Lacroix's skull in.

Franck Canu beat Damien Lacroix 2-0

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