Omar Sagol vs Dirk Baberowski

Round 8 Feature Match:

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Omar Sagol vs Dirk BaberowskiThese two players both have a 6-1 record when facing each other in the eighth round. That means this was the match that decided who of these two will be able to draw into day 2, and who would have to play and win the last round to have an outside shot of making it in at 7-2.

Game 1

The letter B!aberowksi won the flip and chose to play first but had to trade in his opening hand for 6 new cards. He played out a turn 2 Sun Droplet as the first play of the match and added a Skeletonal Shard and Vulshok Gauntlets to the board next, while Sagol played out an Iron Myr in order to accelerate into a Vulshok Besterker. An Empyrial Plate for the Berserker made sure that the pressure was on. Deconstruct dealt with Sagol's equipment and Baberowski played out a Sculpting Steel, copying Sagol's Iron Myr. Sagol decided to keep the pressure on and played out an Ogre Leadfoot and Megatog during his next two turns, while Baberowski couldn't find a decent answer.

Sagol 1 - Baberowski 0

Game 2

Dirk BaberowskiUnsure about his decision to play first last game, Baberowski elected to draw first this time around. Both players started off by playing Myrs, with Sagol again coming out strong with an Empyrial Plate. Another Myr came down for Baberowski, which made sure his decision to draw first wasn't going to hurt him. Sagol's Myr came in for 6 damage and the Spanishman didn't play a land, or a spell for the rest of the turn. Baberowski played Sculpting Steel in order to get an Empyrial Plate of his own, and equipped one of his Myrs with it. Still Sagol's Myr wasn't about to be blocked and it took Baberowski down to 7 life. Stalking Stones was Sagol's next play. Baberowski pondered his options for a while, and passed the turn without playing anything. Sagol's Myr once again hit the Red Zone, with both Myrs being equal size. Irradiate made sure Baberowski's Myr would survive combat. Cobalt Golem was Sagol's next threat, this time one with evasion - although he didn't have blue mana yet.

Baberowski started to dish out some beats of his own by attacking with his big Myr and played out Clockwork Condor to be able to block the Cobalt Golem, should it get flying. It didn't and Baberowski instead chose to chumpblock it with his other Myr. Afterwards Sagol played out a Yotian Soldier. Baberowski decided to go for the throat and equipped his Condor with the Empyrial Plate, which dropped Sagol to 6 life. Sagol played Bonesplitter and equipped his Yotian Soldier, but all of that couldn't stop Baberowski's Condor.

Sagol 1 - Baberowski 1

Game 3

Sagol was rather confident in his decision to play first. He also played out a Myr on his second turn for the third game in a row, accelerating into a Vulshok Berserker again.

Baberowski tried to answer that with a Sun Droplet and he copied it with a Sculpting Steel. Empyrial Plate armored up Sagol's Berserker again, dropping Baberowski to 14. Deconstruct dealt with the Empyrial Plate and Baberowski played a Clockwork Condor with the mana he still had available. Sagol played out a Cobalt Golem, in order to be able to still deal damage with those Droplets on the table. Baberwoski had other plans for this game however and played out a Loxodon Warhammer.

Omar SagolSagol attacked with his Golem and Berseker and played out a Nim Replica. That meant Baberowski got to equip his Condor with the Warhammer and go back up to 18 life with a lot of counters still on the Sun Droplets.

Sagol's next attack dropped Baberowski down to 11 life, and they both agreed that the Sun Droplets would gain him 2 life a turn. Irradiate dealt with the Clockwork Condor when Baberowski played out a Wormskin Forger.

Sagol attacked with all of his creatures except his Myr and Baberowski's Wormskin Forger traded with the Vulshok Berseker. Crystal Shard was Sagol's next play, making Baberowski's Warhammer a little less good. However, Baberowski would have none of it and played out Glissa Sunseeker, ready to end this game rather quickly. Sagol played Grab the Reins on Baberowski's Glissa and attacked him with his army.

Baberowski killed Sagol's Nim Replica with Glissa and played a Goblin Replica of his own. During Sagol's next attack, Baberowski blocked the Cobalt Golem with his Myr and Goblin Replica. Megatog was Sagol's next threat, but Baberowski dealt with that in style. He tapped 3 mana, killed off Sagol's Crystal Shard, then played his own Crystal Shard and bounced the Megatog.

Up next was a Neurok Spy for Sagol and he equipped it with Bonesplitter, but it fell to an Irradiate. Mindslaver was Sagol's last attempt to salvage this game. Pewter Golem came down for Baberowski and the game looked sealed for the German, as he destroyed the Mindslaver in the process. Indeed this was too much for Sagol to overcome and he resigned himself to his 6-2 fate.

Sagol 1 - Baberowski 2

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