Amiel Tenenbaum vs Daniel Madan

Round 9 Feature Match:

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Both Amiel and Daniel are unbeaten today and the winner of the match will have a lot less problems on day 2, that's for sure. Daniel has amateur status, probably for the last time in his life after this weekend and Amiel is what they call a money finisher and always makes his top-16 or 32 here and there. Quite a lot of spectators are joining me to watch this game and Amiel gets to demonstrate that he actually masters some dutch sentences: "Jouw kont is niet te breed.", is a well meant compliment for this writer and we are all looking forward to the end of this round for more than 1 reason. Will we end the 9th round before midnight ?

Game 1

The letter A!miel won the toss and choose to play. Both players kept their hands and we're off in the final round!

Sphere and Bonesplitter were the first plays for Amiel and Daniel.

Although Amiel began the game, Daniel got to resolve the first real creature of the match; Neurok Familiar.

Amiel could only build a Silver Myr.

Daniel copied that trick and made a Silver Myr on his own, attached the Bonesplitter to the Familiar and started beating Amiel with it.

Amiel tried some fat of his own in the form of a Myr Enforcer on discount. That was enough for Daniel to answer that with Yotian Soldier and Leonin Scimitar.

Amiel had enough of his Sphere that was not doing anything usefull, so he broke it for black mana. Black mana got mixed with some blue and made him a Neurok Spy.

Thoughtcast for Daniel got him a fearsome Spikeshot Goblin and the Bonesplitter is handed to the Yotian Soldier to beat up Amiel to single digits. Amiel could only make up a Rustmouth Ogre, but that plan is thwarthed by a double equiped Spikeshot Goblin on Daniels turn. Before attacking though, the equipment is distributed to the Soldier and the Familiar again with the sole purpose to eliminate Amiel.

Amiel gives in to Daniels attack.

Daniel 1 - Amiel 0

Game 2

Amiel chose for Daniel to begin and both players got to keep their hands.

Aether Spellbomb and Alpha Myr cleared the path for Daniels plans, while Amiel had to settle for Atog.

Yotian Soldier joined Daniels team and Amiel thought that was a great plan. So the plan to build a Yotian too is made quickly.

Atog traded in combat with Alpha Myr in Amiels attack. But that only got the Yotian Soldier on Daniels side angry. He decided to pick up the Bonesplitter and a freshly cast Leonin Scimitar. When the dust of combat settled, Amiel was at 12 again and things were looking good for Daniel once more.

Amiel passed turn and stated not to have too much stuff to keep the horde of Daniel off, so when Daniel added another threat in the form of Spikeshot Goblin, the game pretty much is his.

Irradiate finished the Goblin before het got active though and Daniel had to settle for another Yotian attack once more. A Dragon Blood joined the battle, but Amiel got time to build two Rustmouth Ogres during his next two turns. The Yotian only got some +1/+1 counters, but tried to attack into the two Rustmouths. Amiel ofcourse suspected something, but got the Ogres to block anyway, only to have one of them Regressed. The other one died a horrible death, so the game was Daniels again, alhough Amiel was still at 8.

Amiel got a little combo out next turn though: Looming Hoverguard and Crystal Shard bouced the big Yotian on top of Daniels deck and made sure Daniel would topdeck it for eternity. Amiel got his window at last.

After creating the Hoverguard for a couple of turns, Daniel thought it was enough and conceded the game.

Daniel 1 - Amiel 1

Game 3

Daniel got to play first and added a Scimitar to the empty board. Spikeshot Goblin in combination with the Scimitar provided Amiel with a threath on turn 3. An early Silver Myr died, but Amiel replaced it with an Iron Myr. While Daniel added another Spikeshot Goblin, Amiel could only make a Neurok Spy.

Not too much later, the board on Amiels side was empty and Daniel had 2 active Goblins and 2 pieces of equipment: Leonin Scimitar and Bonesplitter. Alpha Myr got to help the Goblins, but the Goblins seemed to be doing fine for themselves.

Every Myr on Amiels side of the table got burned and once every while Goblins aimed their shots at Amiel.

When Scythe of the Wretched entered play on Daniels side, the game was over.

Daniel Madan beat Amiel Tenenbaum 2-1

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