Jelger Wiegersma vs Bruno Carvalho


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Game 1

The letter B!efore the match started, Jelger paid respect to the deck Bruno is playing; he stated that it's the best deck in the top-8. Bruno won the toss and decided to play.

Jelger started with a Silver Myr. Bruno reacted with a Lumengrid Sentinel. The Sentinel tapped the Myr, but Jelger played a Needlebug as an instant. Both the mentioned creatures attacked and score was 19 Jelger, 18 Bruno.

Wizard Replica and another Silver Myr entered play on Jelgers side and Bruno had Icy Manipulator to tap the Replica. Soldier Replica and Sentinel attacked.
Jelger played an impressive amount of spells next turn: Thoughtcast and double Neurok Spy. In that way, Jelger paid tribute to the Affinity Thread on the KVDeckmasters website.

Skyhunter patrol was the only creature Bruno made and Jelger was very anxious to attack. One Spy got tapped, the other put Bruno on 14. Talisman of Progress was a laughable next play by Jelger, but Bruno only attacked with the Sentinel.
Wurmskin Forger entered play on Jelger's side, targetting all Jelger's creatures. Needelebug, and both the Spies got a +1/+1 bonus and all mentioned creatures dived into the red zone.

Only Needlebug dealt damage, because the Aether Spellbomb and Soldier Replica dealt with the Spies.

11 for Bruno, 14 for Jelger.

Jelger's next attack ended with Bruno Altar's Light on the Needlebug. Jelger made a Neurok Spy to retaliate. Lumengrid Sentinel attacked Jelger to 13.
Alpha Myr entered play and Sentinel tapped the Wizard Replica.

Jelger ceased to attack again, after Icy tapped his Spy, but made a third Silver Myr. Skyhunter on Bruno's side brought Jelger to 9. Crystal Shard and another Spellbomb made up for defense along with the Alpha Myr and Sentinel. Neurok Familiar delivered Jelger a Myr Enforcer, but when he attempted to play it, it met an Annul.

Alpha Myr got returned to Bruno's hand with the Shard and tapped the Wizard Replica with the help of Sentinel and Bruno made a Somber Hoverguard.
Jelger was at 7,thanks to a attacking Skyhunter Patrol.

End of turn, we saw the bouncing of the Alpha and the tapping of the Wizard again, and now Bruno attacked with all his fliers to bring Jelger to 1.
When the Spy got tapped again by the Icy, Jelger scooped.

Game 2

Jelger brought in two Viridian Longbows, while Bruno mentioned he would not need to sideboard. He was pretty confident in his deck and seemed to agree with Jelger he has the best deck.

Bruno kept, Jelger kept and we're off again.

Longbow and Silver Myr entered play on Jelgers side, while Bruno only made a Vulshok Gauntlet. Jelger played a Thoughtcast, made another Myr and another Longbow.

Bruno could only build a Yotian Soldier and played a Thoughtcast for 3 mana.
Jelger seemed to explode the next two turns with Sombre Hoverguard, Wizards Replica and Til-Jilad Exile.

Bruno could only make Raise the Alarm tokens and attacked with the Yotian Soldier/Gauntlet combo. Viridian Longbow/Exile made another fine combo on Jelger's side and after blocking, the Troll shot one of the 1/1's before regenerating. Bruno built Skyhunter Patrol and attacked his Yotian Soldier into the Hoverguard. 5/5 could handle that sort of stuff. Thirst for Knowledge got Bruno to discard a only a Clockwork Condor. Altar's Light got one of the Longbows from the game and at end of turn and Jelger shot Bruno to the head with the other.

Neurok Spy got Bruno to 13 and Jelger made a Malachite Golem. Skyhunter Patrol got to attack next, but the Wizard Replica remembered how to fly and blocked.
Soldier Replica joined Bruno's Yotian Soldier and Skyhunter Patrol. Also a Sombre Hoverguard flied in play.

Wurmskin Forger made Jelgers Spy a good 5/5 and brought Bruno to 7. Jelger was still at 15. Hoverguard and Yotian Soldier tried to give Jelger something back. The Golem took one for the team. The Yotian Soldier died to a Longbow shot.
When Jelger tried to attack again with the Spy, it met Soul Nova. But when Jelger made a Myr Enforcer, Bruno scoops em up...

Game 3

Bruno decided to play first and Jelger's "Have fun !" is met by Bruno's "You too...".

Bonesplitter was Jelger's first play and was backed up by Talisman and a Longbow. Bruno cast a Slith Ascendant and Jelger played Thoughtcast and Wizard Replica, only to have the Replica bounced by a played and activated Crystal Shard. So the Slith got a +1/+1 bonus while attacking and was followed by an Icy Manipulator.

Jelger thought hard and let the Wizard attack with some help of the Bonesplitter. Exile was played on Jelger's side, while Bruno got to attack with Ascendant again and played a Lumengrid Sentinel. Icy tapped the Wizard, but the Exile took over and brought Bruno to 15.

Lumengrid Sentinel and Ascendant brought Jelger to 13 and Bruno resolved a Vulshok Gauntlets. Jelger made a Neurok Familiar and the Replica got tapped before combat. Enforcer and Exile brought Bruno to 10 and the Familiar gives Jelger a Mana Myr off the top.

Familiar also chumped the Slith Ascendant and a freshly played Spellbomb took care of the Bonesplitter Wizard; it bounced perfectly okay though.
Jelger thought a long time about replaying the Wizard Replica, but he had 5 cards in hand, so he might have something better. Also, the Longbow was still on the table unused and Bruno is at 8, so there were plenty of options. Jelger was still at 13, so this game could end in a damage race; Bruno still had the Gauntlets and 1 Gold Myr.

Jelger decided to equip his Silver Myr with the Longbow and Bruno made an attempt to bounce the Myr, the Shard aimed the Myr on Bruno's side and Jelger was kind enough to pay 1 mana to keep the Myr in play.

Jelger was brought to 4 by the Gauntlet equipped Sentinel and the 5/5 Slith and Bruno also had an Annul for the Wizard Replica Jelger wanted to play to chumpblock the Slith. Jelger had to concede when Bruno attacked for the win the next turn.

Final Result: Bruno wins 2-1.

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