Raphael Levy vs. Ariol Alcaraz


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Game 1

Ariol chose to play first but didn't find any drop before a turn four Tel Jihad Outrider.

On his side, Levy is apparently not much more active playing only Darksteel Pendant in the same amount of time. But the Frenchman´s hand reveals many removals (terror, shatter, lightning) and one of his most powerful card, Myr Incubator.

However, Alcaraz increases the pressure, playing Razor Golem and Duplicating Raphael´s first monster, Pewter Golem. Levy resists quite well at first. Lightning finds the Outrider, Bolin Replica the Duplicant and Shatter the Golem. Finally after all the threats have been erased he plays the Incubator and things start to look really good. But every thing will change in the next turn.

Ariol played Tangle Spider at the ends of Levy´s turn, untaps, Deconstructs the annoying artifact, plays Tangle Golem and Neurok Transmuter that makes Levy's only removal useless. Two turns later and after he tried to Terrorize the spider (his only way to win at that point), Levy concedes.

Levy 0-1 Alcaraz

Game 2

Raphael made a more aggressive start, as Alpha Myr (turn 2), Leaden My (turn 3) and Pewter Golem (turn 4) put the crowd's favorite down to 10 on the fifth turn. On his side, Alcaraz was quite active too - playing a creature on every turn from turn two to the end of the game.

But he has had two little problems in this game. The first one was, despite the quality of his creatures (tangle Golem, Neurok Transmutter), none of them were able to stop the 4/2.

The second was he had to face a Platinum Angel when he was at four, and he couldn't really deal with Levy´s strongest card at that point.

Levy 1-1 Alcaraz

The third game was all about racing. It would have even been the faster if Levy didn't take three minutes a turn. Alcaraz took the lead with Leonin Skyhunter and Neurok Spy. Unfortunately this start, despite how perfect it was, was not enough to compensate both Levy´s good draws (a turn 2 Leaden Myr, a turn 3 Scarabs, a turn 4 Pewter Golem, and a turn 5 Whispersilk Cloak), and the fact that his deck didn't want to offer him a third creature, ever. After a last rush, putting Levy down to seven, Ariol Alcaraz conceded the match.

Levy 2-1 Alcaraz

And so Raphael will have to face his nemesis in the semis in the form of Kai Budde to break his eight game loosing streak against the German Juggernaut.

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