Dirk Hein vs. Thomas Gundersen


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The letter D!irk Hein is no stranger to Grand Prix Top Eights. He had one in Munich just last season, in Limited as well. Gundersen is the last undefeated player of the tournament storming through the Swiss to end the fifteen rounds with an amazing forty points.

Game 1

Thomas started with a Viridian Longbow and Silver Myr to Dirk's Leaden Myr and Arcbound Hybrid. The Silver Myr grabbed the bow and shot down the opponent Myr. Dirk played a Vulshok Battlegear, while Thomas played Lightning Greaves, Frogmite, Bottle Gnomes, and put the greaves on the frogmite and attacked with it.

Dirk equipped the Hybrid with the gear, and started taking chunks out of Thomas life.
A Drill Skimmer and an Arcbound Stinger proved too much for Thomas defenses and he conceded.

Dirk Hein 1 - Thomas Gundersen 0

Game 2

Both players played Myrs and traded them in combat. Thomas cast another Myr and a Woebearer to Dirk's Krark Clan Grunt and Drill Skimmer. The skimmer died to an Essence Drain and Woebearer brought the dead Myr back from the graveyard. Dirk increased his army with an Arcbound Hybrid, another Drill Skimmer and Frogmite.

Thomas response came with Nim Replica and Memnarch. The players traded some creatures for a while, the Memnarch "killed" the Frogmite (Dirk sacrificed it to the grunt) and was taken down with an Echoing Ruin.

A Nuisance Engine comes to Dirk's help. With the engine he was now able to create blockers wich can be sacrificed for his grunt, unbalancing the combat phase. Thomas played an Icy Manipulator and a Quicksilver Behemoth, but the skimmer kept picking on his life.

A Wail of the Nim resolved the Skimmer problem, but an Arrest on the Behemoth allowed Dirk's non-flying creatures to start attacking. An Awe Strike from Dirk kept him alive and he was able to win the damage race.

Dirk Hein 2 - Thomas Gundersen 0

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