Jason Spiteri vs. Raphael Levy

Round Ten Feature Match:

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Game 1

Jason opened with a turn two Myr followed by Arcbound Stinger and Aether Spellbomb, while Levy started with Leonin Scymitar and Myr Retriever. Stinger started swinging with Vulshok Morningstar and Levy promptly caught up on the damage race with Vulshok Berserker.

Spiteri used Turn to Dust and Battlegrowth to finish up the Berserker and dropped a second Morningstar on his Stinger. Levy's Retriever looked rather small compared with the opposing flyer so the French dropped Icy Manipulator to keep it under control.

With his monster out of the Red Zone Jason was forced to play another attacker. He chose Pewter Golem. Again Levy leaned forward in his chair and muttered. He stared at his cards for a few minutes rebuilding his plan.

Finally he decided he might as well play another Berserker and send it in. Jason fell to eight. Then Raphael gave his Retriever a Leonin Bola to keep both of Spiteri's monsters at bay.

Again the player from Malta had to move. This time he played, and equipped, Arcbound Ravager. Still on his next swing he could only sneak in a point of damage. Carefully Levy assembled his army, passing the Bola around to keep things under control.

With his attack plans still foiled Spiteri played a second Pewter Golem but Raphael Levy had a plan... on his turn he used the Icy and Bola to tap all the blockers, sacrificed his Retriever to Krak-Clan Grunt to get back Fireshrieker and equipped the Grunt with it to deal the last eight points of damage.

Raphael 1 - Jason 0.

Game 2

Levy's start wasn't impressive, using Chromatic Sphere to play Alpha Myr and then Copper Myr but Spiteri wasn't stellar either: the best he could do was a turn four Cobalt Golem and turn Five Scavenging Scarab.

The French got his Icy Manipulator on the table before dropping Atog and Krak-Clan Stoker. He started working the Red Zone, sending his creatures in. Spiteri used a Battlegrowth to trade Arcbound Stinger for Vulshok Berserker but he was clearly in trouble, with a creature that can't block and a Golem getting tapped by Icy as his only creatures.

Betrayal of Flesh with Entwine brought back the Stinger and killed the Atog. Levy took the time to found out how his friend's round had worked out and then upped the ante. He replaced the dead Atog with... Megatog.

Jason tapped out to play Flayed Nim but it wasn't enough. Raphael Levy used Icy to tap the only blocker. Megatog went in to finish the game, after eating up all the yummy artifacts.

Final result: Raphael 2 - Jason 0.

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