Helio Felix vs. Jose Barbero

Round Eleven Feature Match:

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The letter J!ose Barbero is half a world away from home. Now living in Europe, but from Argentina, he is one of the top players from South America on the Pro Tour circuit. Helio is much closer to home - a mere 600 km away - but with the same score in this tournament: 9-1.

There is still along way to go, but so far they are in the fast lane to the Top Eight. A win here will make it a lot easier for one of them.

Game 1

Felix took two trips to Paris because his first hand was very slow and his second one didn't have a land. His third land was... well, promising; so he kept it, and found another one to play turn two Grimclaw Bats. Barbero opened with Goblin Replica that he promptly sacrificed to play Vulshok War-Boar.

Helio found an Island and played Wall of Blood. On the following turn he found a Mountain and it seemed he could start forgiving his deck. Slowly he inched forward, hiding behind his Wall of Blood.

Jose tried to rule the skies with Spire Golem but the Portuguese came right back with Cobalt Golem. Apparently he was back from a double mulligan but Barbero had other ideas. He played Granite Shard and Fractured Loyalty to make the Wall of Blood highly unstable.

The Shard stole the Wall and the War-Boar was finally free to enter the Red Zone safely. A gang block got rid of Barbero's Spire Golem but he wasn't about to be slowed down. He played Bosh, Iron Golem.

At six Helio Felix smiled and scooped.

Helio 1 - Jose 0.

Game 2

Felix came out with turn-two Talisman, turn three Grimclaw Bats and Alpha Myr before Barbero even made his first play (turn three Krak-Clan Stoker). Jose then dropped his Granite Shard and started icing Helio's creatures.

The Portuguese fought back with Chiterring Rats, trading it for Vulshok Berserker while the South American was stuck at four lands. The Portuguese found an Island and swung with his Bats at full throttle (pumping them three times to drop his opponent to ten) before dropping Neurok Spy.

Barbero played Pulse of the Fields and Helio misread it, tapping his last mana to prevent it from returning unnecessarily. That meant Barbero could safely kill his Bats with Granite Shard.

Electrostatic Bolt ate up the Stoker but Jose found Viridian Longbow to equip his Leonin Elder. Now Felix's two toughness creatures were also within risk. The Portuguese hit a land pocket and fell pray to Jose Barbero's sniping tag team.

Final result: Jose 2 - Helio 0.

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