Dirk Hein vs. Emilio Campos Lopez

Round Twelve Feature Match:

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The letter T!hese two players are still very much in the race. Dirk Hein is a veteran German player with some good results including a Top 8 in the Grand Prix Munich a few months ago. Emilio Campos Lopez is trying hard to defend his country in this Spanish Grand Prix.

Game 1

Campos opened with Auriok Transfixer and Auriok Bladewarden and Hein quickly dropped Slith Bloodletter and used Consume Spirit to get rid of the Bladewarden. The Spanish missed a few land drops but finally found his fourth land.

The Bloodletter started swinging and gaining counters and the German added Cobalt Golem to the mix. Emilio was quickly losing any chance of keeping up with the damage race.

Dirk: "That's better. Now we both get to play instead of me alone."

Campos played Hematite Golem and Dirk Hein again upped the ante by playing Viridian Longbow and shooting the Transfixer off the table. Again, Emilio had to think long and hard during his turn.

Finally he decided to use Echoing Ruin on the Longbow and give his Golem Leonin Bola. The German used Thoughtcast to see some extra cards and gave his Slith Bloodletter a Bonesplitter.

The Cobalt Golem grabbed the Bonesplitter and hacked Lopez down to eleven. Hein was firmly ahead in life totals but Emilio's Leonin Bola and tag team of Goblin War Wagon and Hematite Golem promised to wreak havoc if he could just hold on a bit longer.

To help that plan Lopez played Sculpting Steel copying his Leonin Bola. The double Bola meant Hein's creatures where out of the Red Zone.

Dirk: "I don't want to draw equipment now. I need creatures."

He smiled but he knew he was in some trouble. They both had two creatures but the Spanish had two Bolas. So if he could find an extra creature he could start catching up in the damage department.

For a few turns they seemd to draw nothing, passing the turns back and forth with nothing but Bolas working. Finally Hein blinked. He Irradiated Emilio's Goblin War Wagon, untapped and played TWO Thoughtcasts.

Emilio: "Oh, come on! Three?"

But the German seemed unable to muster another creature. He dropped yet another piece of equipment and sent Slith Bloodletter in. Emilio used Awe Strike to stop it once but he needed a more permanent answer. Hein played Thirst for Knowledge.

Leonin Bola

Emilio: "Jesus! More card drawing?"
Dirk: "Well, I have a fourth Thoughtcast in the sideboard."

Campos answered by casting Altar's Light on the Cobalt Golem. They were back to one creature each but Hein's hand was huge. He dropped Clockwork Condor hoping to finish things. But the Spanish wasn't done yet. He found his seventh land and unleashed Pentavus.

Emilio: "More creatures for my Bola."
Dirk: "Yes, it looks like it."

Despite the importance of the game both players were very friendly and seemed to be having fun. The Condor grabbed all the equipment it could and brought Campos down to ten. Emilio answered back with Pentavus.

Things were looking grim for the German despite the seven extra cards he had drawn this game. The combination of Pentavus and two Leonin Bolas seemed enough to shut him down in the Red Zone. Just like clockwork Emilio's army kept Dirk Hein's under control, despite the German's best efforts to swarm him. A late Essence Drain to the dome seemed to scare the Spanish who agonized over his final swing.

He could send everyone in and pump his Hematite Golem to finish the German but he seemed to think his opponent had some trick left. Eventually he decided to try it. Hein had nothing.

Emilio 1 - Dirk 0.

Emilio: "You second-turn Slith Bloodletter scared me."
Dirk: "At that point I felt I had a pretty good hand, but your Hematite Golem slowed me down."

Game 2

Hein came out with Viridian Longbow and Nim Abomination.

Dirk: "What a combo."

Campos pounded his deck looking for a fourth land and Dirk Hein told me not to do it. He was about to play Chiterring Rats. He followed it with Arcbound Bruiser. The Spanish drew another non-land card and conceded. He couldn't play anything and Dirk Hein had denied him the time to find the necessary mana.

Emilio 1 - Dirk 1.

Game 3

With ten minutes left on the clock they took their own sweet time to shuffle, perhaps both hoping to get a game like the second one. Emilio played Leonin Elder and Welding Jar and German answered with Slith Bloodletter.

Campos pressed on with Raise the Alarm and used Echoing Ruin on Hein's artifact land hoping to screw him out of the game. They traded blows as fast as possible knowing a draw wouldn't help them at this point. Despite their best efforts the game seemed destined to turn into a clogged up table.

The Spanish screamed for his fourth land to unleash his Vulshok Berserker but got no help from his deck and was forced to discard Pentavus. Hein's Bloodletter grew at a scary pace but the Spanish finally found his fourth land.

Out came the Berserker and the race was on. Hein played Mirror Golem imprinting Pentavus and Emilio answered with Goblin Charblecher. The German sent his crew in and dropped Myr Enforcer. Campos was down to one blocker and Charbelcher, facing three huge creatures.

He went for the Goblin Charbelcher.

Dirk: "This is SO cool... revealed them in a way everyone can see, ok?"

The crowd leaned in... and the first card was a Plains. Everyone groaned.

Final result: Dirk 2 - Emilio 1.

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