Raul Gonzalez vs. Kai Budde

Round Thirteen Feature Match:

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The letter T!hey shuffled up in silence while the crowd gathered around. Some people were there to cheer for the Spanish player, some people just wanted a picture of Kai Budde. For Gonzalez it must be strange to play a game surrounded by barriers to keep the crowd back. For Kai Budde is probably just another Feature Match.

Game 1

Kai started things on the wrong foot, with a mulligan. He kept his second hand and played turn two Copper Myr and turn three Soldier Replica. Gonzalez played Tel-Jilad Chosan and used Sylvan Scrying to find his second Green source, a Tree of Tales.

With that fourth land he dropped Tel-Jilad Exile but Kai Budde had just cast a Pewter Golem and was not about to be denied. He dropped and used Crystal Shard to get the monster out of the way temporarily.

Raul smiled and took a hit down to thirteen before replaying the Exile. Arrest shut the Chosen out but the Spanish had another one and Atog to slow Kai down. The German surveyed the table and decided he couldn't attack. His opponent was at eight. Instead he simply played Goblin War Wagon and let the Spanish have his turn.

Aotg grabbed Bonesplitter and attacked but Kai's Wagon jumped in the way before getting bounced by Crystal Shard. Locked at four lands and two Myrs Kai sat back and thought for a while on his next turn, before playing Looming Hoverguard. The Spanish answered with Clockwork Condor.

Things seemed pretty locked until Kai dropped Empyrial Plate.

Raul: "Oops."
Kai: "It was very good draft."

He gave Hoverguard the Plate and attacked. Raul saw his next card and scooped.

Kai 1 - Raul 0.

Game 2

Again the Spanish had the turn two Tel-Jilad Chosen followed by a Myr while Kai dropped two Myrs and Leonin Den-Guard. Gonzalez used Echoing Ruin to kill one of the Myrs and Sylvan Scrying to fish out an artifact land. The Den-Guard grabbed Vulshok Gauntlets and Raul laughed.

Good sport or not, he still had to take the damage. When Kai added Spire Golem to the mix the Spanish groaned. At eight he had to find a quick solution or start offering his Myrs to the Chumping Gods. Thankfully he had the answer: Creeping Mold.

Kai used Looming Hoverguard to bounce the lone blocker and attacked bringing his opponent to five with five damage flying damage on the table. Raul Gonzalez drew his card, smiled and extended his hand.

Final result: Kai 2 - Raul 0.

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