JF Culus vs. Raul Mestre

Round Thirteen Feature Match:

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Game 1

Raul started with a first turn Skullclamp, but didn't draw a land for the next two turns. His fourth turn Gold Myr wasn't enough for his opponent's Skyhunter Cub equipped with Bonesplitter. When JF used a Carry Away on Skullclamp, Raul conceded.

JF Culus 1 - Raul Mestre 0

Game 2

This time Raul played the Gold Myr on his second turn and a Cobalt Golem on the third. When JF missed his third land drop and Raul cast Chittering Rats. It only took two turns for the Frenchman to concede.

JF Culus 1 - Raul Mestre 1

Game 3

While JF played an Arcbound Stinger and Thoughtcast, Raul had a Leaden Myr, Cobalt Golem, and Viridian Longbow, which promptly turned the Myr into a killing machine.
JF brought Titanium Golem, Auriok Transfixer and Auriok Glaivemaster into play, but the Myr made the Aurioks life a short one. Raul cast another Cobalt Golem and removed the Titanium Golem with a Betrayal of Flesh. An Awe Strike from JF only delayed the unavoidable, and he conceded on his next turn.

JF Culus 1 - Raul Mestre 2

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