Markus Kolb vs. Kai Budde

Round Fourteen Feature Match:

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The letter T!his is the big one. After thirteen rounds only a handful of the 1353 initial players can still make the Top 8. Here two Germans battle for a single slot. It's no surprise to find German players at the top of the standings and absolutely no surprise to find Kai Budde playing for the Top 8.

Game 1

Markus started with Sunbeam Spellbomb and Gold Myr while Kai dropped Leonin Den-Guard and equipped it with Specter's Shroud. Kolb cycled his Spellbomb searching for help but the best he could do was Pearl Shard. Meanwhile the Veil was eating up his hand.

Budde added War Wagon to the table but lost it to Purge when he played Cyrstal Shard. Kolb chumped with his Myr and dropped Oxidda Golem and Mask of Memory with an empty hand. Across the table Kai Budde was at full throttle. He dropped Spire Golem and used Thoughtcast to find extra fuel. He had another equipment to make his Den-Guard big enough to turn the Golem block into a chump. Kolb scooped.

Kai 1 - Markus 0.

Game 2

Again Kai had Leonin Den-Guard on turn two and some equipment on turn three (Specter's Shroud). Even with my very limited German it wasn't hard to figure out Markus wasn't happy about it.

Markus played Skyhunter Cub, Pearl Shard and equipped the cat with Fireshrieker. Still the Den-Guard went unblocked. Spire Golem and Pewter Golem joined Budde's side of the table. All Kolb could do was laugh.

The greedy Den-Guard took Vuslhok Gauntlets as well and took a large chunk of Kolb's life on its next trip to the Red Zone. Kolb played Mask of Memory but Kai was enjoying the game way too much to slow down. He used Echo in BLUE to bounce the Cub and sent his crew in. Kolb drew one more card and conceded.

Kai: "Sorry."

Final result: Kai 2 - Markus 0.

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