Olivier Ruel vs. Jose Barbero

Round Fifteen Feature Match:

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The letter B!oth players have a slim chance at top 8, with the winner having to wait for a lot of results in order to know his fate.

Game 1

In the true spirit of Mulligan Week, Olivier decides to mulligan his initial hand.

The first creatures came on Jose's side, a Cathodion and an Arcbound Hybrid.
Olivier played a Leonin Abunas but Jose still sent the hybrid into it on his next turn, in order to turn the Cathodion to a 5/5. A Wand of the Elements from Jose is removed with Altar's Light, but not before making a 2/2 flyer. Serum Tank and Talisman joined the flyer's side of the table.

Loxodon Mystic helped the Abunas in killing the super Cathodion, and a Deconstruct took care of the tank, but Jose just played a Rust Elemental, and a turn later Shattered a defending creature and attacked with all his team. A Fireball completed the job.

Olivier Ruel 0 - Jose Barbero 1

Game 2

Once again the initial action come from Jose, in the form of Talisman, Lumengrid Sentinel and Rust Elemental. Olivier failed the fourth land drop and his first play was a Solemn Simulacrum on the next turn. He then Deconstructed Jose's Whispersilk Cloak and used an Altar's Light on a Seat of the Synod, in order to keep the Elemental from attacking.

A Wand of the Elements created a pair of tokens before being turned to rust by the Elemental. Ruel's Loxodon Mystic wasn't enough to control all Jose's creatures and when the Frenchman tried a suicidal attack, a Shatter took care of the Simulacrum and with it the match.

Final result: Olivier Ruel 0 - Jose Barbero 2

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