Bernardo da Costa Cabral vs. Amiel Tenenbaum

Round Four Feature Match:

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The letter A!s these two players got right down to business, so shall we.

Game 1

Bernardo chose to play first but decided to mulligan. Amiel led with an Alpha Myr while Bernardo played a Goblin Replica followed by an Icy Manipulator. Amiel cast an Arcbound Hybrid and attacked with both his creatures.

The Belgian added a Steelshaper Apprentice and a Frogmite to ward off the Frenchman's Iron Myr. When Amiel used a Looming Hoverguard to put the Icy back on the top of Bernardo's library, he used the apprentice to fetch a Viridian Longbow.

Bernardo replayed his spells and when he equipped his goblin with the bow Amiel Unforged the bow, taking the goblin with it. Amiel decided to increase the pressure first with a Pentavus, which was a perfect response for the Icy and Auriok Transfixer in Bernardo's team (but was taken out with a Barbed Lightning) and next with a Megatog, to which the Belgian responded by fetching another piece of equipment, a Leonin Bola.

With half his team being tapped by Bernardo all the offense Amiel could muster was the little pentavite tokens. When Bernardo used an Echoing Ruin on the pentavites and played a Blinding Beam with entwine on Amiel's untapped creatures, he was able to make two attacks with all his creatures and finish the job with a Fireball.

Bernardo 1 - Amiel 0

Game 2

Now it was Amiel playing first, but once again Bernardo chose to mulligan.

Bernardo started with a Leonin Elder, Sun Droplet, Leonin Bola, Icy Manipulator and Loxodon Mystic, so Amiel's Slith Firewalker, Spire Golem and Arcbound Bruiser couldn't cause him any harm. But when Megatog and Somber Hoverguard joined the other creatures, some damage started to be done. After some turns Amiel plays his Savage Beating with entwine, and with that was able to deal lethal damage to the Belgian.

Bernardo 1 - Amiel 1

Game 3

The third game starts once more with a mulligan from Bernardo.

A Goblin Replica and a Yotian Soldier from Bernardo were the first plays. The goblin was Shattered to protect Amiel's Loxodon Warhammer. Bernardo increased the pressure with an Hematite Golem and destroyed the Warhammer with an Echoing Ruin. Amiel answered by finally casting a creature (an Ogre Leadfoot). The players started a damage race with Amiel trading his recently cast Vedalken Engineer and Slith Firewalker for an Oxida Golem. With a Barbed Lightning Bernardo clearing the way Bernardo just had to pump the hematite to win the round.

Bernardo 2 - Amiel 1

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