Hélio Félix vs. Quentin Martin

Round Five Feature Match:

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The letter T!here was a long wait before the start of the match that allowed the players to wish each other good luck about three times.

Game 1

Helio chose to draw first. Quentin asked if there was a special reason for this and Hélio explained. They joked a little about it and started the game.

While Hélio began with a Neurok Prodigy and a Hoverguard Seer, Quentin was stuck on two lands, and only managed to cast a Leonin Bola and a Fireball to kill the prodigy.
Hélio kept increasing the pressure with Arcbound Bruiser, Spikeshot Goblin and Arcbound Stinger while Quentin played a Sword of Fire and Ice, an Arcbound Bruiser and a Myr Enforcer. Already low on life, and with little mana available, Quentin couldn't do more than trade creatures in combat. A couple of attacks later Hélio was up one game.

Hélio 1 - Quentin 0

Game 2

Quentin chose to draw and Hélio mulliganed. Hélio didn't look too happy about the second hand, but kept it anyways.

Quentin started with a Necrogen Spellbomb and Hélio's attempt at playing a Wizard Replica was annuled. While Quentin played Vedalken Engineer and Gilded Lotus, all Hélio could do with his three mana was play a Viridian Longbow. When the British player used a Looming Hoverguard to send the longbow back to the top of Hélio's deck, there was little Hélio could do get back in the game.

Hélio 1 - Quentin 1

Game 3

While the players shuffled they hoped that at least the third game wasn't decided due to mana issues.

Quentin: "Let's play a real game"

Helio chose to draw, and once again frowned at his hand but still chose to keep it. Quentin: "That's the fourth bad hand, you must have a pretty good lovelife"

Hélio started with Vulshok Morningstar and Vulshok Prodigy while Quentin dropped his Sword of Fire and Ice and "cycled" a Necrogen Spellbomb. The Portuguese pondered a moment on whether he should equip the flyer, but chose to cast a Spikeshot Goblin instead. Quentin played the Gilded Lotus and passed the turn.

Once again Hélio thought on what to do and opted to equip the prodigy, attack with it and add a Vulshok Battlegear to his array of equipment. Quentin Essence Drained the spikey, commenting "better do it while I can", prompting a disheartened look from Hélio, then played a Krak Clan Grunt.

Hélio equipped the prodigy with the Battlegear, took Quentin's life down to ten, made a Wizard Replica and equiped it with the Battlegear. With the game looking very much in the Portugese's favor, Quentin bucked the odds and turned the game around. He played a Looming Hoverguard - sending the wizard back to whence it came, equipped the grunt, attacked with it for six damage and drew a card for all his hard work. He finished the turn by giving the sword to the Hoverguard to make it a 5/5 flyer with protection from blue and red, able to keep the prodigy from attacking.

Hélio simply replayed the Wizard and passed the turn.

On his turn Quentin cast a Goblin Replica, with it destroyed the wizard, sent all his team into the red zone and cast a Myr wich was immediately given the sword.

Hélio strongly (and loudly) beat the top of his deck, drew an island and played it. Since this was his seventh land, Quentin asked, "Grab the Reins?" Hélio's smiled slyly, "Better". The Portuguese sent the prodigy into attacking mode, tapped all his lands and played Savage Beating with entwine, taking the game from Quentin.

An astonished public could only respond by confirming, "that was a Savage Beating!"

Quentin explained that he got a little greedy when he drew the Goblin Replica, and that there was no need to risk so much.

Hélio 2 - Quentin 1

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