Olivier Ruel vs. Rafael Truchado

Round Seven Feature Match:

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The letter T!his has been a very, very long day but things seem to be working out well for these two players. They have sailed through six rounds without a scratch and whoever wins this round will almost certainly be guaranteed a seat tomorrow.

Game 1

Ruel cycled a Chromatic Sphere to drop a turn two Copper Myr and that muscled out a turn three Juggernaut. Truchado had Scream from Within to slow things down but Olivier added Skyhunter Cub and sent his Juggernaut in again.

Down came Nim Replica to slow things down but again the French was in no mood for that. He gave his JuggernautVulshok Gauntlets and brought the Spanish down to eight. On the next turn the Replica grabbed Leonin Bola.

Still trying to ride his initial advantage in Olivier Ruel dropped Goblin War Wagon and Leonin Battlemage. To clog the table Truchado dropped Clockwork Vorrac and Gemini Engine.

For the first time in the game Olivier Ruel slowed down. On his turn he took a second to think, then cycled Sunbeam Spellbomb to draw another card and sent his Skyhunter Cub in. A few combat tricks later he found out he had made a mistake and only managed to trade it for Gemini Engine. He wasn't happy about his mistake.

Rafael played Arcbound Bruiser and Dross Golem and sent them in. Control of the game had switched hands to Truchado. Ruel drew his Molder Slug but didn't have his second Green source. Unable to sneak the last eight points in he decided to stop Truchado - which didn't look like an easy task while staring at a growing Clockwork Vorrac - and wait for the "cavalry" (his Green mana).

He found it a turn later. He attacked with his Juggernaut and Neurok Spy. The Vorrac ate up the Juggernaut and the Spy brought Truchado down to five. With Triskelion and Molder Slug in hand the French played the Green menace first.

A Modular took one for the team and the Vorrac became a colossal 9/9. To make things trickier Rafael Truchado dropped Aether Spellbomb. He stared at the permanents with cold determination. He took his own sweet time working out the puzzle and sent his huge Vorrac in. Olivier grabbed a pen and fell to nine.

On his upkeep he again grabbed the pen but this time to work out his chances of drawing a mana source. He finally decided to untap his War Wagon and sacrifice a Talisman. He drew, and played Aether Spellbomb.

With both of them at five and two Aether Spellbombs on the table the math was horrible. The combinations seemed endless and they took a lot of time to figure out what to do. The Spy snuck in for another two damage, bringing Truchado down to three. They both blew up the Spellbombs at the end of their turns bouncing the Slug and the Vorrac.

Rafael sent his crew in and Olivier gladly pushed his creatures in the way. When the dust cleared there was no creature on the table (The Nim Replica and Screams From Within finishing up Neurok Spy).

The Spanish tapped out to play Clockwork Vorrac and equipped it. Olivier showed him the Triskelion and Rafael Truchado conceded with a half-muttered curse.

Olivier 1 - Rafael 0.

Olivier: "I played badly but I still won."

Game 2

They came out smoking for the second game with Olivier again dropping a bunch of creatures on the first few turns. Irradiate got rid of one and Dross Golem and Leonin Bola looked like the answer to another. And then the French tapped five mana. And out came Molder Slug.

The crew reacted with a loud "ouch" in several languages.

The Slug was quickly followed by Taj-Nar Swordsmith fishing out Vulshok Gauntlets and Rafael Truchado was left with nothing but lands. Echoing Ruin took out a Skyhunter Cub but it was not even close to being too little, too late.

Final result: Olivier 2 - Rafael 0.

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