Dirk Hein vs. Bernardo da Costa Cabral


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The letter T!his is a classic match-up between speed and control. Hein's deck is all about fast, small "reusable" creatures (ie, Arcbound buddies) while Cabral's is all about Crystal Shard, Oblivion Stone, Barter in Blood and the like. Let's see who comes out on top of this eternal clash, this time with a Grand Prix finals slot on the line.

Game 1

Bernardo mulligans twice and starts the game without looking at his 5 card hand.

Bernardo played a Disciple of the Vault, Skullclamp and equipped the disciple, but only on his fourth turn did he draw the second land, which he used to cast a Silver Myr.
Meanwhile Dirk had already cast a Leaden Myr, two Arcbound Stingers and a Frogmite.
Bernardo began his comeback into the game with a Vedalken Engineer and Vulshok Gauntlets, wich enabled him to cast both Spire Golem and Somber Hoverguard on the next turn. His problem was that by this time he already was too low on life, and Dirk just had to use an Echoing Ruin on the golem and attack with every creature for two turns to bring him to zero life...

Dirk Hein 1 - Bernardo da Costa Cabral 0

Game 2

Bernardo started again with Disciple of the Vault, Silver Myr and Skullclamp on the disciple. Dirk played Pteron Ghost and used an Echoing Ruin on the Skullclamp.
As Bernardo cast a Talon of Pain, things started looking grim for Dirk and his army of small creatures.

Drik played a Krark Clan Grunt, killed the recently cast Pewter Golem with an Electrostatic Bolt and cast Vulshok Battlegear. Bernardo used a Fabricate to fetch the Skeleton Shard a started bringing back his dead artifact creatures. With the ability to trade creatures and return them to his hand, Bernardo just had to use his removal spells and talon to control his opponent's side of the board and win the game.

Dirk Hein 1 - Bernardo da Costa Cabral 1

Game 3

Both players mulligan their hands.

Now it was Dirk's turn to have mana problems. And Bernardo's Crystal Shard didn't help matters. Luckilly for him, all the pressure he recevied was from a measly Neurok Familiar. But then Bernardo started drawing lots of cards with the Skullclamp, playing real threats and making cool plays.

First he returned the Overseer to his hand and cast Barter in Blood, killing his Skullclamped Steel Wall and Dirk's two creatures. The following turns saw him play the Overseer, a Steel Wall, Spire Golem and Disciple of the Vault. Dirk had a Bonesplittered Skyhunter Cub, a Pteron Ghost and Arcbound Stinger.

With Dirk now on four life, Bernardo used the Fabricate to fetch his Oblivion Stone and kill Dirk with the life loss caused by the Disciple of the Vault.

Dirk Hein 1 - Bernardo da Costa Cabral 2

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