Draft 1: Scott Richards

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At 6-1, Scott has a little room for error today, but not much. He begins his draft today in Pod #2.

Pod #2

1 Paul Merry
2 Tim He
3 Jay Kinkade
4 Shun Jian
5 Rob Nadebaum
6 Chris Kwan
7 Scott Richards
8 Jarron Puszet

Picking late in set 7, Scott opens with a Broodhatch Nantuko and a noncommital Cryptic Gateway folowed by a crown of vigor and an elvish pioneer. Leaving his second colour uncomitted until the second pack gave him a good view of what was around him. Kwan to his right had settled in W/B with Rob U/R upstream. He took a Skirk Comando in the third pack even though Puszet to his left was R/B, with a resonable run on green forthcoming he could afford to fight for red.

The green run treated him well getting Snarling Undorak, Barkhide Mauler, an a well wisher early with a number of well timed Solar Blasts (3) sitting well for him. A second Mauler found it's way to him, along with 2 Goblin Sledders and a late pick aggravated Assault. A spuned Wolverine and a Air dropp condor rounded out the run of second packs.

Sitting relatively well caused him to get cut in the 17th & 18th pack missin out on a wellwisher and a Krosan roundshaker, but was willing to take up the challenge cutting a Gustcloak Sentinel And a mistform Mutant. Late grabs for him included a Krosan Tusker, a Treespring Lorian, a second wellwisher and a Symbiotic Beast.

Scott Richards – Pod #1 Day #2
Grand Prix Melbourne

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