Round 1: Egidio De Gois vs. Anthony Ward

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With both players hailing from New South Wales, De Gois from Sydney and Ward from Coffs Harbour, the two had traveled down to Melbourne to try their luck despite the lack of byes. Ward took first blood by winning the die roll and electing to play first.

Game 1

Despite playing last it was De Gois who played the first creature on turn two with a Wellwisher. Ward replied by starting a Custody Battle over the creature forcing De Gois to stack the effect, tap the Wisher and send it on its merry way to the other side of the board. This exchange took place for several turns with De Gois solidifying his board with Thought Primoc and Sage Aven. Ward struggled to keep up with the flying Onslaught simply casting a morph and trading blows. De Gois seemed to have the game in hand when he played and then morphed over an Ascending Aven, only to have Ward drop the first of his bombs, Sandstorm, cleaning the board. De Gois did respond with a nice play, Reading the Runes for 4 and then sacrificing all his creatures.

However when Ward untapped De Gois faced a huge problem in the form of Butcher Orgg and took 6 points of damage before he could attempt to stabalise with a Towering Baloth. Ward had an answer and cast Wave of Indifference for one, allowing him to attack and deal 6 damage to the Baloth giving him full control of the board once again. With the almost unloseable game slipping away De Gois was forced to chump block the Orgg with a morph creature and a Sparksmith and breathed a heavy sigh of relief when his Solar Blast dealt the last 3 damage to the Orgg ending its reign of terror. Unable to draw anything useful Ward was forced to start chump blocking with the small creatures he was drawing as De Gois board developed into a Mistform Dreamer, an Airdrop Condor, a Krosan Tusker and a Taunting Elf.

Ward put up as much resistance as he could but his pair of Nosy Goblins were no match for the growing hoard of creatures De Gois had.

De Gois Leads 1-0

Game 2

With his back against the wall Ward decided to play first again, hoping that his two incredible rares of Starstorm and Butcher Orgg could overpower his opponent. De Gois once again played the first creature, a Taunting Elf, to which Ward responded with a Wirewood Elf. Ward then played a morph creature and sent his Elf in for the first point of damage. When De Gois had no play on turn three it seemed that he would be in some real trouble, however he just cycled his Solar Blast, killing the freshly summoned Nosy Goblin. It soon became apparent that the lack of creatures on De Gois side of the board was due to his inability to draw a blue mana source and Ward despite being land light was pressing home his advantage with another morphing creature.

De Gois then drew into Chain of Plasma and killed one of the morphs while Ward was tapped out, a Spitting Gourna. With De Gois only on 9 life Ward decided to Chain it right back at his opponents skull which allowed De Gois to pitch a card and kill off the other face down creature, a Treespring Lorian. Ward now had a single Elf in play but once again failed to draw anything that could keep his opponent on the back foot. De Gois slowly pecked at his life total with a Mistform Dreamer and played a morph and a Wellwisher. Fearing that his opponent might undo all the hard work he had done Ward Erratic Exploded the Elf flipping Starstorm onto the bottom of his library.

De Gois once again breathed a sigh of relief and began to increase his hold on the board dropping a Sparksmith. Ward drew into his Butcher Orgg and it looked like he might be able to swing the game back into his favor however the Sparksmith combined with a Pinpoint Avalanche stopped him dead in his tracks. To add insult to injury while Ward was tapped out De Gois summoned his Blistering Firecat and dealt him the final points of damage to end the game.

Final Result: De Gois 2 Ward 0

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