Round 2: Peter Pohlman vs. Adam Kemp

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Winning a flight as a lucky door prize enabled Peter to make the trip to Melbourne, and after a win in round one he then faced Adam Kemp who now began his Grand Prix campaign after a round #1 bye. Peter won the coin flip and decided to draw.

Game 1

The new set makes for a standard turn 3 drop of a morph creature, with both players unable to put anything on the board in the first two turns. Peter shocked Adam's morphed creature (Haunted Cadaver) following with his own straight away. A third morphed creature was played by Adam.

Adam took 2 not willing trade the unknown creature, as peter cast an Illusionary Wall on the 4ht turn. Not wanting to take damage from an morph creature, Peter block Adam's attack to have the Wall destroyed as the Charging Slateback was morphed in. The Slate back couldn't atay for long however as Peter had one of his 3 Cruel revivals ready. Adams Snapping Thragg which was given first strike from a crown of fury meet it's fate to a second.

Peter was then able to put a Lavamancer's Skill on yet another face down creature – Adam speculated that it indeed could be a wizard. He followed with a Spitting Gourna and attacked the next turn, as the would-be wizard decided not to block he muted that it probably wasn't a Riptide Biologist. A Thoughtbound Primarch gave Peter an advantage with an extra creature out but a Crown of Vigor on the Gourna and a Contested Cliffs saw Adam pick off Peter's creatures one by one. A Snarling Undorak made Adam's Gourna to big to deal with as he cruised to a win.

Kemp Leads 1-0


Kemp – No Changes
Pohlman – In, Lay Waste & Naruralize. Out, Charging Slateback & Haunted Cadaver.

Game 2

Pohlman again decided to draw and was forced to mulligan to a sub-optimal draw (hey, that's why you draw...), with Adam following making a his 6-card opening hand that much tougher with a second turn Wirewood Elf and a 3rd turn lay waste. Adam took out Peter's Island, which proved to be the wrong decision as Peter was holding 2 more in his hand. He played a third turn Lavamancer's Skill on his second turn Information Dealer, picking off Adam's Elf in short time.

Adam returned the favour, Smothering the wizard. The board position would again be fought for fiercely, with Adams Leery Fogbeast holding off Peter's morphed creature. Adam took the first damage of the game in the 6th turn from a Thoughtbound Primarch, although his Morphed creature was destroyed with a Shock. Things looked bad for Peter as, with a spare mana open he was able to cast Centaur Glade.

The mana open however was the Contested Cliffs which suffered at the hands of the Lay Waste that had been boarded in by Peter. With only a 2 life point lead, and a steady stream of land being drawn Adam rapped up the second with a platoon of Centaur tokens, to move to a 2-0 record

Final Result: Kemp 2 defeats Pohlman 0

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