Round 5: Rob Nadebaum vs. Stephen Campbell

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Nadebaum and his Card Heaven team mates are arguably the best team in Victoria, with consistantly excellent results they are always present in the Australian Nationals top 8s. Stephen Campbell is one of Australia's longest playing gamers, with several pro tours and a National Championship under his belt he came to the GP ready to wreck some havoc on his opponents.

Game 1

After winning the coin flip Nadebaum elects to draw and Campbell responds by taking a mulligan. His new hand of 6 cards is far superior to his old 7 card hand and he casts a third turn morph which he trades with Nadebaum's third turn Nantuko Husk. Nadebaum is relieved when he finds out the creature is a Skirk Commando however he feels a little less cheerful after he sees a Wirewood Savage join the board on Campbells side. Over his next two turns Nadebaum cycles his Barkhide Mauler and his Krosan Tusker, refusing to play them and give Campbell any possible advantage from his Savage. Campbell solidifies his mana base by cycling his own Tusker and drops a Symbiotic Elf.

Unfortunately for Nadebaum he has no response and passes the turn back to Campbell, who casts a Symbiotic Beast. Nadebaum stalls on the casting of the spell and it becomes obvious that he has a Slice and Dice and was thinking if he should cast it before the beast triggers the Savage's effect. Nadebaum simply shakes his head and lets it enter play, knowing that the Symbiotic Elf and the Beast have now ruined his chances of Slicing and Dicing away the board.

Nadebaum buys a few extra turns dropping chump blockers and Slices and Dices during the attack phase to prevent the new tokens from being able to attack but the insect tokens are too much for him and they take away his final points of life.

Campbell leads 1-0

Game 2

After a pretty hefty face smashing Nadebaum shuffles up and gets ready for game 2, allowing Campbell to once again play first. Campbell stalls on two swamps and Nadebaum seizes the opportunity to cast a morph creature and a Nantuko Husk. Campbell draws another swamp but it allows him to play a Severed Legion which he is forced to trade with the morph, hoping that he doesn't get hit by an Undorak. Nadebaum is happy to part with a Fallen Cleric and begins dropping Beasts on the land screwed Campbell. Despite Campbell drawing a mountain a few turns later the damage has been done when Nadebaum drops an Anurid Murkdiver to ensure the victory Campbell is quickly shuffling up and getting ready for game 3.

Tied 1-1

Game 3

After two pretty poor games the players comment that the first was decided by mana Flood and the second was decided by mana screw so chances are the third game should be a nice fair contest. Nadebaum disproves this point when he takes a mulligan and Campbell does his best by drawing swamps as his first 4 lands. Despite the land Screw Campbell manages to cast a turn 3 morph, which is met by a swat, and a turn 4 morph, which takes 2 from Nadebaums life while he solidifies his mana base with Explosive Vegetation. Campbell finds the forest he so desperately needs and drops a Wirewood Savage, forcing Nadebaum to once again cycle his Krosan Tusker.

Nadebaum untaps and drops a Symbiotic Elf which Campbell decides is worth trading for his morphed uncastable Skirk Commando. From there things go downhill as Nadebaum can draw nothing but land and tries in vain to find creatures that can stem the bleeding that is coming at the hands of Campbells army of morph creatures. Nadebaum slams down a morph which trades with the Savage as Cambell attempts to force through extra damage and then sighs as another Savage takes its place, followed by a Krosan Tusker.

Nadebaum is forced to cast a tusker of his own and the two trade the creatures. Unfortunately for Nadebaum this is the last creature he draws and is helpless to watch as Campbell attacks with a Nantuko Husk, sacrifices an Aphetto Vulture to give it +2/+2, flips it back on top of his library and then casts Erratic Explosion targeting his dome.

Final Result: Campbell wins 2-1

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