Round 7: Andrew Bailey vs. Mark Brown

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Mark Brown - the premier Judge in Victoria, perhaps even Australia put away the baggy black and whites and his places in the trenches as a competitor tis weekend. He now finds himself only 1 win away from progressing to Day 2, in his way is Eastwood hero and enigma – Andrew Bailey. Andrew won the die roll and chose to play first.

Game 1

Mark had a first turn drop in the form of a Festering Goblin, which was neatly offset by andrew Wellwisher. Andrew took the tempo in the match with a Nantuko Husk, as Mark lost momentum having to play a Secluded Steppe 3rd turn to offset a Gustcloak Harrier. Bailey pushed the red zone with the husk whikst gaining card advantage from a Woodland Savage combining with beasts such as Leery Fogbeast and Wretched Anurid. Mark finally made it to 6 mana mustering a wall-like Tribal Golem (With First Strike, Regenerate and Haste).

Almost on cue, Bailey set the win up with a Gangrenous Goliath and a Taunting Elf, with no way to remove the elf, Mark succumbed to the alpha strike.

Andrew Bailey leads 1-0

Game 2

The first drop in the second age was Andrew's first game MVP, Taunting Elf, as Mark went on the offensive with a glory seeker. The Nantuko Husk again came out third turn for Andrew, but the Glory Seeker pressed forward without interference from the other side. Andrew seemed willing to take the Glory Seeker as the husk replied in fashion removing chumps like Screeching Buzzard and Battlefield Medic. Mark was on a mere 11 before he dropped his bomb – Oversold Cemetery, giving him the freedom to chump Buzzard each turn, plucking a card from Andrew's hand. Losing the medic and the buzzard (Andrew ended up losing a total of 4 cards to the buzzard) to a Prowling Pangolin was a minor setback as he stabilised on 5 life The Gangrenous Goliath wasn't enough to get Andrew over the line, with now recurring a4/4 Tribal Golem.

Out of answers, Andrew's fate was sealed with a Silent Spectre hitting the table just as the last blocker had fallen.

1 game each.

Game 3

Even playing first and having to mulligan didn't stop Mark coming out of the block quickly again with the Festering goblin bringing Andrew down to 16 in 4 short turns before being halted with a crown of suspicion. The reason for the delay - a Wirewood savage with a Wellwisher from Andrew. Mark found a Nantuko Husk which pushed the issue as far as he could with the elves to a large extent countering it with the similar amount life gain. Andrew's superior card advantage shone through followin the Savage with a Wretched Anurid a morph and the Prowling Pangolin which claimed a Daru healer and a face down silent Spectre. This left Mark with just the Husk a Nightglove courier. Problems were caused as a Shepherd of Rot combined with the wellwisher).

Andrew found the stop for the Husk in the form of a Leery Fogbeast, and unable to mount a credible attack against his opponent off a mulliganed hand Andrew was able to use his Shepherd for 4 each turn whilst gaing 2 from the ellwisher. Mark (at 4 life) removed the Shepherd with a Crown of Suspicion, but was too late as Andrew now had the creature advantage overwhelm for the victory.

Final Result: Andrew Bailey defeats Mark Brown 2-1

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