2002 Grand Prix Melbourne Photo Coverage

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Adrian Teh presents Ben Seck with the goodies. Sunday Players
Ben Recieves his cheque Sunday Players
Jarron Puszet - 3rd Place Sunday Players
Shun Jiang - 4th Place Sunday Players
Tristan Gall - 2nd Place Sunday Players
This weighs a ton! Sunday Players
Master of his domain Sunday Players
What is in a shuffle? Sunday Players
Only 1 more match to go - then I can sleep... Sunday Players
Good Luck - Mike Mason keeps the peace in the final Sunday Players
Jarron battles his way through the quarter final Sunday Players
But we're on the same team! Sunday Players
It's all about big white bombs. Sunday Players
Milton on the attack Sunday Players
Sideboarding in "Procect World Domination!" .... Stephen Campbell is terrified Sunday Players
Jake & Ben - the top of swiss after Day #1 now meet in the quarter finals Sunday Players
Tristan has to dig himself out of a hole in this one... Sunday Players
Sam always has something to smile about Sunday Players
Dane Coltman impresses Sunday Players
Daniel Clifton watches as Shun think it over Sunday Players
Sir Chumpalot Sunday Players
Early Anurid beats Sunday Players
6/5 First Strike.... That's a tough one Sunday Players
Breaking a drought of feature match losses - Scott Richards Sunday Players
Do I look like a merchant?!? No I will not trade morphs with you! Saturday Players
Finally Evans gets his red mana… game too late Saturday Players
With only two minutes left John races against time Saturday Players
Adam is fully focused Saturday Players
Where are my answers? Saturday Players
Anthony Ward prepares to drop a Starstorm Saturday Players
Egidio De Gois considers his sideboard options for game 2 Saturday Players
Cole’s having a good time! Saturday Players
The land station – under heavy guard Saturday Site
John Avon ponders life Saturday Staff
Always smiling – Head Judge Adrian Teh Saturday Staff
Heads down, Thumbs up Saturday Players
Justin and Ben West Saturday Players
New Zealand’s Scott Richards Saturday Players
Player Meeting Saturday Players
Registration Begins Saturday Players
New Zealand Champion – Cole Swannack Saturday Players
Australian Champion – Justin West Saturday Players
Irregular numbers of rares in the Tournament Packs made for interesting play on Friday – Egidio had 9 Saturday Players
Level 3 judge Mark Brown – in the trenches today Saturday Staff
Deck registration is fun Saturday Players
Australian Champion – Justin West Saturday Players
Always time to trade Saturday Players
Head Judge Adrian Teh and Tournament Organiser Dale Atiken Saturday Staff
The Yarra River, Melbourne Saturday Site
Nick Wong gets in some practice for Day 2 Saturday Players
The Last Minute GP Trials In Full Swing Saturday Players
A Busy Day In Melbourne Saturday Site
The Melbourne Convention Centre Saturday Site
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