Quarterfinals: Chris Allen vs. Jarron Puszet

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Chris had drafted a strong RW (splash B) deck that was hoping to see Astral Slide or Exalted Angel early and then abuse the many cycling cards that were in the deck, while Jarron had a very quick RG goblins deck using the black for removal and Anurid Murkdiver.

Game 1

Jarron won the coin toss and decided to play, while Chris took a double mulligan based on two hands of a lone Mountain.

A quick Spitfire Handler and Nosy Goblin followed by Lay Waste for Chris' only Plains were all over a lone Thoughtbound Primoc. The Handler ended up trading with the Primoc and a Gluttonous Zombie was no match for the swamp-walking Anurid Murkdiver. When a second swamp-walker turned up and Chris only had one Pinpoint Avalanche in hand, he scooped it up.

Jarron wins game 1.

The sideboard was a story of opposites, with Chris taking out all of his non-cycling black cards (Gluttonous Zombie, Haunted Cadaver, Cruel Revival and three swamps) for two Crown of Awe, Foothill Guide, two Plains and a Mountain. Jarron on the other hand brought in a third Anurid Murkdiver for Chain of Smog. The chain had been useful in game 1, catching Astral Slide and Pacifism. He was looking to placing the Crown on the Exalted One's head!

Game 2

Chris chose to play and cycled Disciple of Malice into a Plains to make his hand of white cards and Mountains look much safer, meanwhile Jarron made a Sparksmith. The Plains was good for an Astral Slide and Foothill Guide before Lay Waste was used again to strip the white mana.

Sparksmith fell under a Pinpoint Avalanche, leaving Foothill Guide to hold the fort, and he was the goods for several turns until Jarron played his Lightning Rift. An mind numbing play with Jarron cycling a card at the end of Chris' turn resulted in the Foothill Guide being shocked by the Lightning Rift before the Slide could save it.

A top decked Cabal Slaver from Jarron followed by an attack phase emptied Chris' hand of his salvation - Exalted Angel - which he felt was the end, so he scooped it up.

Final Result: Jarron wins 2-0, but it was still good for Team Heaven, getting a player through to the Semifinals.

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