Semifinals: Ben Seck vs. Shun Jiang

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Game 1

Ben won the toss and began proceeding with a Mistform Stalker on second turn, before the "smurf" phase where they both played face-down random 2/2 creatures – Ben followed with an Embermage Goblin (sadly, only one today) as Shun replied with the largish Snarling Undorak. Shun lost tempo casting Explosive Growth going for 2 more land allowing Ben to cast an Ascending Aven and Pacifying the morphed "mystery meat". Shun then attacked with the Undorak, being chumped by the Stalker.

Ben put forward an Imagecrafter next as Shun tried to Threaten the Embermage Goblin. Knowing what was in his hand, Ben responded by having the Goblin shoot itself. Ben followed this with a Callous Oppressor, which combined brilliantly with the Imagecrafter. This spelt trouble for Shun. The scoop followed next turn when the flying bus (Mistfolk Skyweaver) hit the table.

Seck Leads 1-0

Game 2

Game 2 was about tempo with Seck playing a third turn Mistfolk Dreamer and a fourth turn Ascending Aven with Shun's 2 morph drops being halted by a Sage Aven with Ben still at 14. Shun looked competitive with a Gigapede but Seck traded with a Riptide Biologist, and blocked one of the morphs with a Sage Aven. The Sage Aven had given Ben the Essence Fracture he needed to return the Treespring Lorian and the Snarling Undorak, swinging again that turn to put Shun at 13.

The time frame was the deciding issue as Ben had no problems mustering chump blockers as the Aven and the Dreamer finished it in a couple more turns.

Final Result: Ben Seck defeats Shun Jiang 2-0

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