Top 8 Draft: Ben Seck

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Coming into the draft as the top of swiss, Seck had his choice of where he wanted to sit, and consequently where he wanted to seat his opponent. Its common knowledge that seat 1 is by far the worst seat at a Rochester table and he wisely chose to place him there, occupying seat 5 for himself.

The draft got underway without any hassles, which seems to be a trademark of this Grand Prix, kudos to the judges for their excellent effort and organizational skills.

Sitting in the middle of the draft Seck had the ability to sit back and see what was happening, however he chose to dive straight into a color, selecting white. It all seemed to be paying off when he got a first pick Gustcloak Skirmisher and a third pick Pacifism but that's when the trouble broke loose. An Exalted Angel was opened in the seat next to him, and since it was still early in the draft it was picked. Obviously displeased Seck slammed an Embermage Goblin into his pile, keeping his options open as his second pick Ascending Aven was best suited to red or white.

It was now time to open his first pack and with an Aven Soulgazer staring back at him he decided that it was worth the chance and put it into his stack. Then the worst possible pack opened right next to him, Akroma's Vengeance and he sighed in disbelief. After getting off to a really strong start to the draft, Seck looked to be in real trouble with two white drafters on either side of him

But Seck held strong he refused to budge, his white blue deck was rounding out nicely. Sage Avens, Ascending Avens, even a Lavamancer's Skill that he could splash along with the Embermage Goblin. With his first round opponent heavy into blue red as well Seck picked up a few Slipstream Eels and a final Pacifism

Overall the draft went well for Seck despite the shocking luck that plagued him in the opening pack. Even though the two players near him were one of his colors it worked out to only be one of his minor ones, and his Lavamancer's Skill has the potential to win him games on its own. The only thing the deck is lacking is a way to deal with Sparksmith and although few were opened his opponent in the first round does have one.

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