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David Petersen has broken the format straight open! Although he joins Ken Bearl, Trevor Jones and Justin Bing as one of the four 8-0 players at the end of the first day of Swiss, he was the only one of them to come into Grand Prix - Milwaukee with absolutely zero byes! Eight rounds later, eight defeated opponents, all with a four-color R/B/W/G deck. His deck runs the entire gamut of popular cards in type two, from Braids to Violent Eruption to Mystic Enforcer, all in the same deck! It will be most interesting to see if he can keep up his domination on day two.

Speaking of domination, PT regular Chris Benafel might have only 22 match points (he intentionally drew in round seven), but his opponent have not won a single game yet! His game win percentage stands at an astounding 100%, a perfect record with the newly popularized Goblin Trenches deck.

Gary Krakower made his triumphant return back to tournament Magic with a highly rogue black/white Millstone/Haunting Echoes deck. Utilizing massive discard and control effects, Gary's creatureless deck has left many an opponent staring in bewilderment at the underutilized Disrupting Scepter. I was told that one opponent playing Psychatog laughed as he 'gladly let it resolve' on turn three only to be taken apart by the stick piece by piece over the course of the game.

Speaking of losing with indignity, an equal number of players have fallen to William "Baby Huey" Jensen and his gigantic 244-card Battle of Wits deck. Baby Huey switched to this deck at last second, hoping to redeem his performance at the Masters gateway in San Diego. Obviously it was a good call, as he cruised into day two in 29th place. He did express disappointment at the disrepect shown for his deck. "Nobody who loses to this deck ever just says 'good game'. They always either complain about how bad the deck is or sit there in stunned silence as they scoop up their cards", he confided to me.

Psychatog was all the rage on day one, and twenty-two of these decks advanced to day two. However, the deck that is receiving the most buzz is definitely the Goblin Trenches deck. Only seven decks made the cut to the top 64, but it should be noted that it's an extremely difficult deck to play, with many players making repeatedly making play mistakes from not having practiced enough with the deck. On the other hand, many players decided to go with various versions of Opposition decks, and these have seen a very healthy percentage of players through to the next day.

The Swiss ended with a remarkable 22 intentional draws, creating a huge traffic jam from 12th through 60th place at nineteen points. This allowed four players to sneak in at 6-2, but left the top eight wide open for day two. With so many players neck and neck, it's basically anybody's game for the top 8. Tomorrow we'll see who can rise through six rounds of play and earn the privilege to play in the elimination rounds for the title of 2002 Grand Prix Milwaukee champion.

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