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One of the main features of coming to a large tournament like a Grand Prix is the opportunity to shop around with the dealers. Milwaukee featured no less than nine tables of card sellers, hawking cards from Alpha to Torment and all sets in between. I thought it would be interesting to see which cards were hot, and which cards were not.

Andrew, Gary, Nate, and Tony discussed the trends on their tables for the weekend. They were all in agreement that the most often requested and purchased card was Upheaval, followed by Mystic Enforcer and then Mana Short. A lot of Psychatog decks (and U/G decks of all sorts) have started adding Upheaval to their arsenal, and many blue base decks are using Mana Short as their key sideboard tool for beating control. Mystic Enforcer already enjoys some popularity in green/blue/white threshold decks, but will surely gain in prestige with the imminent release of Judgment (since it's the green/white set).

On the other hand, Braids, Psychatog and Shadowmage Infiltrator seemed to fall to the wayside in sales. With the advent of Trenches decks, plus the creature-heavy Liquid Tempo RUG decks, Braids hasn't been the best metagame deck of choice. Although Psychatog was the most popular deck in the format, people weren't buying new copies. As one dealer put it: "people were buying a lot of cards for their Psychatog decks, but anyone who was playing Tog already came with their Togs with them". And in a case of art imitating life, Johnny Magic's invitational card might be going the way of Johnny Magic himself.

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