Feature Match Round 5 - Melissa DeTora vs. Mike Turian

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Mike Turian, the pride of CMU is a Pro Tour and Grand Prix champion. He is 4-0 coming into this round. His opponent for this match is Melissa DeTora, a Boston-area resident who won three byes at Your Move Games.

They are both playing blue/green/red decks. Turian's has Squirrel Nest and Opposition, used very aggressively with classic hits like Call of the Herd, Merfolk Looter, and Flametongue Kavu.

DeTora's deck is similar to her boyfriend's Regionals deck; Andy Stokinger of Team Academy took his u/g/r to a T8 finish to qualify for Nationals and features Jilt and Fact or Fiction.

Turian played first and both players opened up with turn-two Mongrels. For the first four turns, both players played pain lands, forcing the competitors to take damage any time they wanted to cast a spell.

This game saw Flametongues killing creatures right and left, Circular Logics going nuts, but was ultimately ended when Turian cast an Opposition.

Even with Arrogant Wurm still in play, DeTora's creatures couldn't attack while being locked down. After two turns of "Tap your guys and some lands" from Turian, DeTora conceded.

Turian's board:
IN: FTK, Repulse, 2x Static Orb, 4x Jade Leech
OUT: 4x Fire/Ice, 3x Deep Analysis, Llanowar Elves

The first spell cast without taking a point of damage was DeTora's 8th turn Fact or Fiction.

"Having basic lands while you opponent is taking damage is like a little Life Burst."
- Mike Turian

The second game had DeTora going first, but with a hand of a lone forest, she didn't feel confident, and threw it back. Her six-card hand was a keeper and she came out quickly with two Merfolk Looters.

Turian cast a Wild Mongrel on turn two with BASIC LAND as DeTora began her looting madness. DeTora won a Circular Logic war for an Arrogant Wurm as Turian missed his third land drop on turns three, four, AND five.

While Mike tried valiantly to stay in the game, Detora's Looters were working overtime, and it wasn't long before Turian succumbed to the beatings.

The third game was very close early. DeTora got greedy and went for a second Looter with three land in play and it cost her. After some Birds of Turian's had to find new jobs, DeTora left only one mana open casting her second Looter and Turian pounced, dropping Static Orb.

While the game didn't appear to be in Turian's favor, he found an Opposition, and then began putting out Elves, as DeTora beat Turian to 7 with an Arrogant Wurm.

Squirrel Nest came down shortly thereafter and Turian's victory was all but assured as he sat at a precarious 5 life points.

Final Result: The Potato moves on to 5-0 defeating Melissa DeTora 2-1

GP Milwaukee 5th Round Feature Match: RUG
Melissa DeTora

Main Deck

60 cards

City of Brass
Karplusian Forest
Shivan Reef
Yavimaya Coast

24 lands

Arrogant Wurm
Flametongue Kavu
Merfolk Looter
Wild Mongrel

18 creatures

Circular Logic
Fact or Fiction
Fire // Ice

18 other spells

Hull Breach
Roar of the Wurm
Rushing River

15 sideboard cards

GP Milwaukee 5th Round Feature Match: Squirrel/Opposition
Mike Turian

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