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Weil vs. McKune Saturday Players
Price vs. McClasky Saturday Players
Minnesota's Noah Weil plays in Round 8 Saturday Players
Mike McKune battles for a Day 2 spot Saturday Players
David Price in a do-or-die match Saturday Players
Ohio's Derek McClasky fights for his life Saturday Players
Deep in the tournament, the Hell-Bent Raider deck met the Master Apothecary deck Saturday Players
Head Judge James Lee spouts wisdom Saturday Staff
Godinez Estrada vs. Mons Saturday Players
Mons "Goblin Raider" Johnson attacks for 1. Saturday Players
Gerardo Godinez in Round 7 Saturday Players
Pustilnik pilots Possessed Psychatog Saturday Players
Eric Taylor, one of Flores's favorites Saturday Players
The throng converges on EDT vs. Pustilnik Saturday Players
Scorekeeper Scott Larabee and reporter Ben Bleiweiss Saturday Staff
Danny Mandel holds court with four hundred judges. Saturday Staff
Rob Dougherty puts Player Rewards tokens to good use Saturday Players
Gary Krakower and his B/W control tech Saturday Players
Gary Krakower and Rob Dougherty look at a PDA version of the Oracle for the current Ensnaring Bridge wording. Saturday Players
Wescoe vs. Tsang Saturday Players
Craig Wescoe is on the trail of another Top 8 Saturday Players
Gab Tsang enjoys the madness mechanic Saturday Players
Artist Jeff Miracola signs Donates all day. Saturday Staff
DeTora and Turian attack each other with monsters. Saturday Players
Mike Turian in Round 5 Saturday Players
Melissa DeTora in Round 5 Saturday Players
Davis vs. Kibler Saturday Players
Brian Kibler sports the candy necklaces Saturday Players
Brian Davis, back to back Feature Matches Saturday Players
The Davis-Gurwitz match draws a crowd Saturday Players
The original Juggernaut, Gab Tsang. Saturday Players
Brian Hegstad looking coy. Saturday Players
Wisconsin's own Brain Kowal Saturday Players
The great sea of Wild Mongrels and Psychatogs Saturday Players
Davis vs. Gurwitz Saturday Players
Brain Davis in Round 4 Saturday Players
The ZevAtog Saturday Players
Benafel vs. Nishioka Saturday Players
Andrew Nishioka in Round 4 Saturday Players
Chris Benafel in Round 4 Saturday Players
YMG's Rob Dougherty Saturday Players
Gary Krakower will Disrupting Scepter you. Saturday Players
Counter your counter your counter your counter, et cetera, ad nauseum Saturday Players
Head Judge James Do Hung Lee explains the fina art of marking sleeves Saturday Staff
Karem vs. Stokinger Saturday Players
Laura Karem in Round 3 Saturday Players
AndyStok scars children Saturday Players
Justice vs Blackwell Saturday Players
US Champ Trevor Blackwell in Round 3 Saturday Players
Anthony Justice -- aka Afro-Man -- in Round 3 Saturday Players
Dinosaur Eric Taylor. Saturday Players
Local hero Kurtis Hahn. Saturday Players
Mike Turian, the mighty CMU potato. Saturday Players
Mike Flores: savage mizer. Saturday Players
Andrew Stokinger, perhaps you've heard of him. Saturday Players
Peter Szigeti tries to control his attention deficit disorder. Saturday Players
The Four Points Sheraton in Milwaukee, WI: site of the event. Saturday Site
PT Nice Top 8 competitor Brian Davis. Saturday Players
Worlds runner-up Alex Borteh Saturday Players
There are a zillion dollars worth of cards in play. Saturday Misc
Pat Chapin and Mike Pustilnik pass the time playing Type 1. Saturday Players
Champion Eric Taylor and runner-up Pat Chapin Sunday Players
Adrian Sullivan and Melissa DeTora hang out on stage Sunday Players
The Top 8 of the last JSS Challenge of the season was running concurrently Sunday Players
Taylor vs. Turian Sunday Players
Mike Turian in the semis Sunday Players
Eric Taylor studies the board Sunday Players
Reeves vs. Chapin Sunday Players
Neil Reeves untaps in the semifinals Sunday Players
Pat Chapin: determined to win Sunday Players
Taylor vs. Cassell, sideboarding Sunday Players
Cassell shuffles intently Sunday Players
Taylor looks through his deck Sunday Players
Turian vs. Kibler Sunday Players
Turian is being covered by David Price Sunday Players
Kibler in the quarters Sunday Players
Jensen vs. Reeves Sunday Players
Neil Reeves needs a new lid Sunday Players
Jensen and the Battle of Wits monolith Sunday Players
Petersen vs. Chapin Sunday Players
Petersen plays 4cBraids in the Top 8 Sunday Players
Pat Chapin in the quarterfinals. Sunday Players
Rocco's Magic School Bus Sunday Players
The Top 8: Taylor, Cassell, Chapin, Reeves, Turian, Jensen, Petersen, and Kibler. Sunday Players
Mike Turian makes piles Sunday Players
Liz Lempicki is tired of attention Sunday Players
Turian vs. Lempicki Sunday Players
Jensen vs. Justice Sunday Players
Baby Huey: the man with the big deck Sunday Players
Anthony Justice: the man with big hair Sunday Players
The masses watch Lempicki/Benafel with bated breath Sunday Players
Benafel in Round 13 Sunday Players
Lizx Lempicki battles her boyfriend Sunday Players
Flores vs. Turian Sunday Players
Flores looking mean Sunday Players
Mike Turian takes one. Sunday Players
David Petersen and his amazing deck Sunday Players
Kibler vs. Bridy Sunday Players
Dan Bridy in Round 12 Sunday Players
Brian Kibler, aerial view Sunday Players
Benafel vs. Pustilnik Sunday Players
Mikey P in Round 12 Sunday Players
Chris Benafel in Round 12 Sunday Players
Tournament Organizer Barrett Moy checks the numbers Sunday Staff
Bearl vs. Flores Sunday Players
Ken Bearl in Round 11 Sunday Players
Mike Flores makes bad plays Sunday Players
Taylor vs. Chapin - not a mirror match Sunday Players
Eric Taylor, the elder statesman Sunday Players
Pat Chapin and his bodyguard, John Shuler Sunday Players
Reeves vs. Turian - the agony! Sunday Players
Mike Turian generates squirrels Sunday Players
Neil "Bangin' in Little Rock" Reeves Sunday Players
Justin Bing is the last standing undefeatead at 10-0 Sunday Players
Ken Bearl, Table 1, 9-0 Sunday Players
Gary Krakower dreams of being qualified Sunday Players
Patrick Chapin, upstanding citizen Sunday Players
Baby Huey reflects on his loss to Rob Dougherty Sunday Players
Deadguy Tony Tsai Sunday Players
Danny Mandel of YMG Sunday Players
Gab Tsang discusses technology Sunday Players
Eugene "Eubroken" Harvey Sunday Players
Antonino DeRosa smiles for his fans Sunday Players
Matt Linde and his "famous" hat Sunday Players
Benafel vs. Taylor Sunday Players
Eric Taylor taps the mana Sunday Players
Chris Benafel: cold, cool, and calculating Sunday Players
Dougherty vs. Jensen Sunday Players
Baby Huey and his monster deck Sunday Players
Rob Dougherty thinks it over Sunday Players
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