When Psychatogs Attack!

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Wow. 107 Psychatog decks out of 651 total competitors. That's a ton of the little toothy guy running around eating people's hands, graveyards, and life totals. While most people played him with only the Swamps and Islands, there were a handful of competitors who used the Mountains to add madness direct damage spells (such as Violent Eruptions and Fiery Temper) to the 'Tog's repertoire. One brave soul even tried out a white splash in the deck!

How many Psychatogs are too many? I added up the number of Psychatogs registered on all decklists, and discovered there were a grand total of 416 'Togs represented in the field. While not every man, woman and child could go be represented by this creature, there certainly were enough to field nine NFL squads, sixteen major league baseball teams, and thirty-four NBA franchises.

On the other hand, with a few countries still looking forward to Nationals this year, the Psychatog deck is definitely getting a great acid test. With such a large representation in the field, players will be able to judge whether the deck is indeed the best choice, or if it's falling to the wayside with contention from the newly popularized Goblin Trenches deck. Stay tuned to coverage this weekend to find out how many Tog decks made day two, and how many of them will make the top eight by the end of the swiss rounds.

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