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"What card would you ban in Standard?"

Gary Krakower: "Fact or Fiction. Maybe."

Mike Flores: "Upheaval. It's insane."

Patrick Chapin: "Once Judgment comes out, Roar of the Wurm."

"What's the craziest deck you've seen this weekend?"

Danny Mandel: "I just beat a Wild Research/ Compulsion/ Ceta-Storm/ madness deck."

Tony Tsai: "Scott Seville's All-Cleric Deck."

William Jensen: "My deck."

"Who is the luckiest Magic player on Earth?"

Eugene Harvey: "Gerard Fabiano"

Antonino DeRosa: "Brian Davis"

Matt Linde: "Brock Parker. Maybe not in Magic, but in life."

"Which is your favorite card in Standard?"

Brian Davis: "Psychatog. It's not in the best deck, but it is the best card."

Brian Hegstad: "Life Burst, or Wild Mongrel."

Eric Taylor: "Fact or Fiction, it abuses graveyard mechanics and draws cards."

"Which country's national team do you expect to perform well at Worlds?"

Mike Turian: "The Germans."

Alex Borteh: "Finland"

Brian Kowal: "Japan"

"Who do you think will be the US Champion?"

Peter Szigeti: "Eric Froehlich"

Eric Taylor: "Myself, or Mike Turian"

Brian Davis: "Finkel, it's his time for a comeback"
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