Grand Prix Milwaukee Trial: The Day Before

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One hundred sixty-five competitors showed up for the Friday night Grand Prix Milwaukee Trial in search of one of the four valuable three-round byes for today's competition. After a grueling 8 rounds of swiss play, eight competitors emerged to play one round of Standard single elimination for the byes. At 4:30 am, the largest day-before-the-competition trial finally ended, with 2 Psychatog decks, one RUG madness deck, and one BUG beatdown deck winning the tournament.

Here were the breakdowns of the decks in the field:

Psychatog: 30
R/G Beatdown: 17
R/U/W Goblin Trenches: 15
B/G Braids: 9
B/R/G Beatdown: 9
U/G Threshold: 8
B/G Beatdown: 7
B/W Braids: 6
Mono Black Control: 6
Opposition: 6
U/R Beatdown: 6
BUG: 5
B/R Beatdown: 3
Mystic Enforcer Control: 3
U/G Madness: 3
Zombie Upheaval: 3
B/W Control: 2
B/W/G PT Junk: 2
R/U/G Madness: 2
Alter Reality/COP: 1
B/G/W Braids: 1
B/R/G Terravore: 1
B/R/U Beatdown: 1
B/R/W Trenches: 1
Domain: 1
G/W Beatdown: 1
Merfolk!: 1
R/B Burning Bridges: 1
R/G Catalyst Stone/Flashback: 1
R/G Terravore: 1
U/B Chamber of Manipulation/Desolation Angel: 1
Zombies!: 1

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