Draft 2, Pod 2: Yann Hamon

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The letter S!econd, First, Fourth. Those were the results, respectively, of Yann Hamon in Grand Prix London, Grand Prix Lyon (using the same format as today) and Pro Tour New Orleans. Those great finishes surely boosted Yann's confidence and now lots of players are wondering if Yann Hamon is capable of adding another great finish to his resume. But before Yann starts celebrating he'll have to get through his last draft and he doesn't have room for mistakes.

First Booster


Yann was seat 5 for this draft. The player to his right started with a white card, and Yann took a Vulshok Berserk and still picked a Battlegrowth from the first booster, signalling green-red. He followed the Vulshok Berserk with another Vulshok Berserk. When the player to his right took a Deconstruct, Yann picked a Granite Shards but started considering quitting green, since he only had a Battlegrowth.

Yann saw in Terror a good move to another color, and positioned into red-black, while the player to his right set into green-white. The pair continued this pattern and never looked back. Yann got a great start and ended this series of boosters by adding more good cards to what he had - Electrostatic Bolt, Duskworker, Moriok Scavenger, Silver Myr, Alpha Myr, and Vault of Whispers. It had more removal in 1/3 of the draft than the majority of the draft decks.

Second Booster

Yann Hamon started the second set of boosters with a Talisman of Dominance, a Wizard Replica and Silver Myr. It wasn't a change of color to blue, it was only the cards that were coming he could potentially play in his deck. When his early picks came he showed black and red were still his colors by picking another Terror and Arc Slogger. He finished the second series by adding evasion to his deck, picking Neurok Hoversail, Clockwork Condor and Nim Shrieker. It was a little weaker than the first series, but overall, the deck seemed to be heading in the right direction.

Third Booster

Nightmare Lash

His draft in the third series started with his third Terror pick and ended with his fourth one. Yann got pretty solid stuff - two Talismann of Indulgence to avoid color screw and accelerate his deck, some late game power in the form of Pewter Golem and Nightmare Lash, which could be a huge nightmare for his opponents. However at this point, his deck was lacking artefact removal, so he took a Goblin Replica from the pack he opened. It also combined well with his 2 Muriok Scavengers and the Woebearer he got next. Fear seems weakened in this format, but Yann himself showed in the Top 8 of Lyon the power of Woebearer.

The only pick during the draft where the crowd could disagree with Yann was when he had the opportunity to go for an Altar of Shadows. But an Electrostatic Bolt was chosen over the slow Altar.

After watching his draft, one can only conclude that Yann Hamon will draft one more time today, but his pod is full of hometown players who surely want to defend their home turf, and nobody left the table with a bad deck. In 3 rounds, we will know if Yann Hamon adds another good finish to his career or another impressive one.

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