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The artist Arnie Swekel was kind enough to donate the original artwork of Goblin Raider to the winner of Grand Prix-Naples, Pierre Malherbaud. Now all he has to do is take it home safely Sunday Players
Congratulations to the finalists, Pierre Malherbaud and Jelger Wiegersma Sunday Players
Pierre Malherbaud holds on to his winner's trophy Sunday Players
Italian OP Manager Ilja Rotelli congratulates runner-up Jelger Wiegersma Sunday Players
These players lost themselves in the game and made noise for a hundred, very very late on Sunday night Sunday Players
The public got slightly distracted from the final match by background noise Sunday Players
Jelger Wiegersma versus Pierre Malherbaud in the finals Sunday Players
The semifinals: Kai got beaten by Pierre Malherbaud and Olivier Ruel was sent packing by Jelger Wiegersma Sunday Players
Stupefying Touch - Kai Budde Sunday Players
Raphaël Lévy Sunday Players
Patrick Mello Sunday Players
Pierre Malherbaud and Head Judge Davide Bitetto in the not-so-background Sunday Players
Patrick Mello versus Pierre Malherbaud in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Christoph Lippert (with the usual eye for detail: see how the shirt matches the security bracelet!) Sunday Players
Jelger Wiegersma Sunday Players
Christoph Lippert versus Jelger Wiegersma in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel Sunday Players
Iwan Tan Sunday Players
Iwan Tan versus Olivier Ruel in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
From left to right: Olivier Ruel, Patrick Mello, Christoph Lippert and Kai Budde at the draft Sunday Players
From left to right: Iwan Tan,Pierre Malherbaud, Jelger Wiegersma and Raphaël Lévy at the draft Sunday Players
Patrick Mello, if it weren't for Kai, people would think of him as the best German player Sunday Players
The cute version of Malherbaud Sunday Players
Here Olivier Ruel is his old usual self Sunday Players
Pierre Malherbaud is back from never really gone Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel's hundredth Top 8 this season Sunday Players
Jelger Wiegersma is the only Dutch to defend the Netherlands in the Top 8 for a change Sunday Players
Iwan Tan, the senior of the Top 8 Sunday Players
Little French prince, Raphaël Lévy Sunday Players
Christophe Lippert took on a perfect lotus position but we prefer it when he simply smiles to the camera Sunday Players
Here he is again,Kai Budde Sunday Players
The best eight players of Grand Prix-Naples Sunday Players
Buddies Sunday Players
Carlo Guardascione, the PR Manager of the Città della Scienza and Patrizia Pignata of the Italian Association for Cancer Research wanted to thank Wizards of the Coast for the gift of 7200 euro Staff Players
Olivier Ruel hurried to draw with Patrick Mello to cover the Jeudon-Lévy match in round 13 Sunday Players
Czech Zdenek Lysák in the match deciding on the Top 8. His opponent Iwan Tan made it Sunday Players
Pierre, looks you straight in the eye Sunday Players
Pierre Malherbaud versus Arjan van Leeuwen in round twelve Sunday Players
Sneaky peek at Gis Hoogendijk. Tastes good? Sunday Staff
Hot on the other side of the window... Sunday Site
Olivier Ruel and Raphaël Lévy in round 12, too bad hardly anyone understood what these two were rattling on about Sunday Players
Raphaël Lévy in doubt Sunday Players
Arjan van Leeuwen, close but no cigar Sunday Players
Lévy is doomed. Olivier Ruel's permanents Sunday Players
Swedish support for the Sideboard, Viet Van and Niklas Eriksson Sunday Staff
Kai Budde versus Olivier Ruel and the usual share of curious on-lookers Sunday Players
A terribly tired-looking Event Manager Christophe Weyers and it wasn't late last night Sunday Staff
The Italian Antonio Corbino was no match for his opponent Patrick Mello in round eleven Sunday Players
In the meantime at the side events Sunday Players
The second draft of day two Sunday Players
Jelger Wiegersma and Olivier Ruel seem to have different opinions on their draft Sunday Players
Viet Van follows the draft of Cédric Cudre-Mauroux and Florent Jeudon at the first table Sunday Players
Kai Budde Sunday Players
Petr Nahodil Sunday Players
Jelger Wiegersma Sunday Players
Patrick Mello Sunday Players
Round ten features Kai Budde versus Petr Nahodil and Patrick Mello versus Jelger Wiegersma: some people want to follow both matches Sunday Players
Italian Wizards staff Elena Avanzi and Gaetano Gagliardi prefer the sun outside Sunday Staff
Thomas Rosholm has a look at his own cards when Bram questions them Sunday Players
Dutch Bram Snepvangers faced Swedish Thomas Rosholm in round nine at the feature match table Sunday Players
Bastos lost in round nine, hurting his brain like that didn't help Sunday Players
Jan Doise is the only Belgian at this tournament and he's up there in round nine Sunday Players
Golden boy Christoph Lippert gives his opponent the thumbs up Sunday Players
Raffaele Lo Moro, one of the Italian old-timers who survived the first day Sunday Players
Ed Fear is very vocal on every move Sunday Players
Antonino De Rosa chuckles Sunday Players
"No stress" for Thomas Rosholm at the draft Sunday Players
Le grand et le petit Vogin Sunday Players
The hottest corner at the first draft table: Kai Budde and a Patrick Mello who is looking for inspiration in higher places Sunday Players
"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it - Vogue", or Ed Fear at the draft Sunday Players
One doesn't have to look too far, Raffaele and Anna Cioffo are playing a typical card game from Naples Saturday Players
Local boy Leonardo Cioffo shows his father 'the ways of Magic' Saturday Players
Giovanni Girini didn't seem to sure of himself at this stage of the game but he is about to win from Dato Saturday Players
Despite having been ill, Kai is performing well as usual Saturday Players
THE feature match of the day,Kai Budde versus Patrick Mello in the last round of the day Saturday Players
Federico Dato, one of Italy's best players right now, fights to make day two Saturday Players
Italian superstars Saturday Players
The things a man does to look good in a picture - that's a joke, Alex Saturday Players
Rui Mariani gives me a benign smile Saturday Players
A stoic Jelger Wiegersma doesn't seem too impressed with Ruel, his opponent in round six Saturday Players
Olivier Ruel doing what he does best and no, we don't mean Magic Saturday Players
The feature matches of round six Saturday Players
Two American beauties, Ed Fear and Mike Pustilnik Saturday Players
Patrick Mello working on his facial expression Saturday Players
Big cheers for a popular Luca Chiera Saturday Players
Gromko Radoslaw on a trip around Europe Saturday Players
Florent Jeudon promised to go to the hairdresser on his return home Saturday Players
Bram Snepvangers can give you all the details on the route of bus number 7 Saturday Players
Two-time French National Champion Pierre Malherbaud beat Boeken in round 5 Saturday Players
Not enough sleep but all the confidence in the world. What will decide for Noah Boeken? Saturday Players
It doesn't take a name like Shvartsman to be able to read Russian. Raphaël Lévy proves his worth reading out loud from "The Little Prince" - flawless Saturday Players
Round four feature matches: Raphaël Lévy vs. Franck Canu and Patrick Mello vs. Arjan van Leeuwen Saturday Players
Arjan van Leeuwen Saturday Players
Patrick Mello Saturday Players
Franck Canu Saturday Players
Raphaël Lévy Saturday Players
Discussing the pros and cons of having children, artist Arnie Swekel and scorekeeper Gis Hoogendijk. One definite pro: teach 'em Magic and play! Saturday Staff
Two Rotelli brothers. Ilja passed the stage of playing Magic, being the current OP Manager in Italy, Francesco's time is yet to come Saturday Players
So fresh and so clean Saturday Players
Following the games of fellow Dutchmen, Jelger Wiegersma Saturday Players
Christoph Lippert Saturday Players
Antoine Ruel found the perfect place for the Magic stickers lying around on site Saturday Players
Round three players Saturday Players
No more spare time for players with two byes Saturday Players
One of three Portuguese at Grand Prix Naples, Frederico Bastos faces Raffaele Lo Moro in round three Saturday Players
Raffaele Lo Moro shies away when his fans ask him to smile for the camera Saturday Players
Helmut Summersberger plays Raphael Gennari in these gentlemen's first round of the day Saturday Players
Ali G look-alike from Switzerland Saturday Players
The local press is interested to learn the game Saturday Site
Stefano Fiore goes for blue, the colour of the national football team Saturday Players
Fashionista Alex Shvartsman wearing a birthday present Saturday Players
"I'm always disappointed if I see a serious picture of myself. There's so many stupid things I could have done.", Olivier Ruel Saturday Players
The event is up and running. Time for a break for Gaetano Gagliardi, Christophe Weyers, Margaret Commellato and Ilja Rotelli Saturday Staff
A bustling Napoli street right outside the museum Saturday Site
The judges are briefed by Head Judge Davide Bitetto Saturday Staff
Italian breakfast Saturday Players
Waiting for his master to get registered? Saturday Players
Our big blue Fly Guy is a hit with the museum visitors, mostly children Saturday Staff
Arnie Swekel is busy signing his cards at nine in the morning Saturday Staff
The first players have arrived Saturday Players
Margaret Commellato dropped her job in marketing and promotes the Sideboard from now on Saturday Staff
Good morning, Napoli Saturday Site
On the other side of the museum, there's us! Saturday Site
The Grand Prix takes place in the impressive Città della Scienza, a science museum which only recently opened in former shipyards. After Antwerp and Barcelona, it seems Wizards of the Coast is actually doing a tour of shipyards instead of a Grand Prix circuit Saturday Site
A not quite so Italian threesome, Federico Dato, Antinino De Rosa and Stefano Fiore Saturday Players
Stan van der Velden and Jan Doise seem to prefer watching Noah Boeken and Arjan van Leeuwen getting some exercise to Roadrunner Saturday Players
Marta Luchi is a fan of our Head Judge Saturday Players
Gis Hoogendijk and Federico Calò take care of registration on Friday Saturday Staff
This is what they really do Saturday Players
Davide Bitetto, Gaetano Gagliardi and Matteo Negrini prepare the judges badges Saturday Players
In the middle of an industrial area, but nevertheless a spectacular seaside view Saturday Players
Just registered and already playing hard Saturday Players
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