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"How many Italian players will be in the Top 8 tomorrow? Honestly."

Mario Orsini: "5" Giuseppe Carannante: "6!" Ivan La Ragione: "8, honestly."

"Which color combination would you like to play tomorrow?"

Gromko Radoslaw: "If I would have made day 2, I'd play blue. But now I go to Rome instead, so I'm not complaining." Luca Chiera: "Blue-black" Patrick Mello: "Blue-black. But green-black 'd be good as well."

"What would you like to see in Judgment?"

Antoine Ruel: "They say we'll get to see more green and white and that's just fine by me." Christoph Lippert: "More possibilities to cycle lands to improve the mana flow" Jelger Wiegersma: "Lots of blue"

"If you could decide on the colour of the security bracelet yourself, what would you chose?"

Alex Shvartsman: "Skin color, so you can't see it." Stefano Fiore: "Blue" Olivier Ruel: "Now that I've seen it in pink, I think it is not so bad. Actually, I couldn't think of a better color myself."

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