Round 2 Feature Match: Taco Fresca vs.

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Hegstad and Freneau are very good friends and old ABU teammates, who have switched over to their new sponsor Harmon is a friend who has no significant past finishes, but he must have some skills considering that the accomplished Hegstad and Freneau trust him enough to be their teammate. Becker, Urban and Shuler wanted to be Chris Pikula Fan Club, but couldn't get the shirts silk screened in time. Instead, they named their team after Fresco Taco, a near legendary great place to order food from when at Neutral Ground.

Freneau had a strong start, with Basking Rootwalla and Harvester Druid. Urban built up his defense with Nomad Decoy and Patrol Hound. Meanwhile, Hegstad discarded Patriarch's Desire and Crippling Fatigue to Last Rites, forcing Becker to lose a pair of Lava Darts. On the other side of the table, Harmon went to the sky with Aven Fisher and Wormfang Drake, and Shuler slowed down the beats with Anurid Swarmsnapper. Becker summoned Rotting Giant and Soul Scourge to Hegstad's Crypt Creeper, and Hegstad flashed back Crippling Fatigue to kill off the Scourge. Becker came back with Zombie Assassin, and it joined the Giant in the Red Zone for a few turns until a pair of flashed back Lava Darts finished off the first game.

The stalemate continued between Urban and Freneau, as Urban summoned Aven Flock. Freneau brought out Nantuko Mentor, giving him an edge. It helped his team bust through Urban's defenses, leaving him with only a Nomad Decoy. Lost in Thought was played on the Mentor, slowing down Freneau's assault. Benevolent Bodyguard helped Urban rebuild. Urban's Swirling Sandstorm cleared the board. The game came down to a battle of first pick commons, as Urban summoned Cephalid Looter, and Freneau had Wild Mongrel. From this late game position, Freneau was able to take the first game.

Shuler's Gurzigost came out to bust his game wide open. Harmon's Battlewise Aven, Prismatic Strands and Embolden helped hold off Shuler's Gurzigost for a while, Kirtar's Desire nullified it entirely, taking away the basket that had been holding most of Shuler's eggs. With that obstacle out of the way, Harmon's fliers busted through easily to take the first game.

Meanwhile, Hegstad and Becker were on game two of their black/red mirror match, and Hegstad summoned Stalking Bloodsucker with conviction. Becker simply answered back "I'll see your rare" and burned it away with Lightning Surge. Becker's Rotting Giant was the lone creature on the table, until Hegstad summoned Mesmeric Fiend to take out Afflict, and also brought out Painbringer. Becker answered back with Gravedigger, bringing back Gravegouger. Hegstad fortified his side with Dirty Wererat, Morbid Hunger sent Painbringer to the graveyard, and Soul Scourge gave Hegstad the clock he needed to get through the stalemate. Pardic Collaborator swung the game even more in his favor, but Becker summoned his own Collaborator. Lightning Surge was flashed back to kill Hegstad's Soul Scourge.

The second game between Urban and Freneau started off just like the first, with Basking Rootwalla being answered by Nomad Decoy. Urban's Looter seemed like bad news, but Freneau had Chainflinger. However, Urban had Lost in Thought to stop the Chainflinger. Freneau kept building with Krosan Avenger, Nantuko Mentor, Rabid Elephant and Harvester Druid. It seemed that Freneau was well on his way to sealing up game two, but Urban once again had Swirling Sandstorm. He then came right back with Aven Windreader and Puppeteer, while Freneau cast Squirrel Nest. Chainflinger added to Urban's numbers, and his Puppeteer kept Freneau's offense nullified while his fliers came through for the win.

Shuler and Harmon went to game two, and Shuler's Gurzigost was racing Harmon's Hydromorph Gull, Aven Fisher and Aven Windreader. This was a race Shuler could not win, and Harmon won the second game to take's first match.

Hegstad dropped a bomb in Laquatus's Champion, but Becker had the numbers game in his favor, with his five creatures staring down Hegstad's three- one of which was Mesmeric Fiend. Becker's Whispering Shade attacked for eight, dealing just enough damage to beat Hegstad. This made the match score 1-1, with the deciding game between Urban and Freneau.

Freneau's Mad Dog was matched by Urban's Patrol Hound, but Freneau had Arcane Teachings. Urban answered right back with Lost in Thought, which killed the 4/4 Hound. Freneau bounced back with Squirrel Nest, This was followed by Rabid Elephant, but then Urban dropped a bomb in Scalpelexis. It milled twelve cards away when it attacked, but only four on the following turn. Time was called. Prismatic Strands slowed Freneau's assault down for the next two turns, which was all he had. Deep Analysis finished off the job, decking Freneau.

Taco Fresco- 2 1

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