Round 4 Feature Match: Green Monsters vs. Lovespell

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This matchup features three of New England's finest- Chris Manning, Joel Frank and Bruce Cowley against the impressive trio of Eric Froelich, Alex Borteh and Chris Benafel. Both teams went into this match with perfect 3-0 records, and are looking to go into the second sealed deck with an undefeated record.

Frank started off strong against Borteh, and had Skywing Aven, Ironshell Beetle and Cephalid Retainer out before Borteh had summoned any creatures. However, thanks to Afflict forcing the Aven to bounce and an Aven Smokeweaver, things were looking better for Borteh. This was before Frank used Seton's Desire to make his Beetle 4/4, and followed up with a Standstill that Boreth would have to break. However, he did break it with Treetop Sentinel, which put a stop to the 4/4 Beetle. Soul Scourge gave Borteh a third flier, but Frank had Gurzigost to get through for massive damage, and took the first game.

Meanwhile, Manning had a full assortment of creatures, uncluding Border Patrol, Hallowed Healer, Militant Monk, Mystic Visionary, Thaumatog and Aven Fogbringer. Benafel simply had a Mystic Familiar. All was not lost, as Benafel summoned Wayward Angel. Thaumatog was still able to attack through it, and the game was busted wide open thanks to Manning's Silver Seraph. Benafel's lone Wayward Angel was horribly outnumbered, and Manning won to put Green Monsters up 3-0 in games.

Cowley's aggressive black/red deck won the first game against Eric Froelich. In the second game, Froelich pounded the ground with Elephant Ambush, a 5/5 Springing Tiger and Narcissism to give Lovespell their first game win.

In his second game, Borteh had a pair of Skywing Avens, but Frank summoned Phantom Centaur. If that wasn't good enough, he enchanted the monster with Seton's Desire to make it huge and invincible. Still, Borteh was able to fly over for the win in time to force their match to a third game.

Benafel and Manning went into a white on white stalemate in game two, with various high toughness creatures staring each other down. Manning's Silver Seraph and Thaumatog formed a vicious tag team, but the board was still at a bit of a standstill, with Manning slowly chipping away at Benafel's life total.

The third game between Cowley and Froelich started off with Wormfang Drake and Elephant Ambush smashing Cowley, while he had only a Dusk Imp. Sandstone Deadfall gave Cowley some defense, but Froelich improved his board position even more wuth Cephalid Looter and Nantuko Tracer. Regardless, Cowley had Violent Eruption and used it to kill the Tracer and Looter, and dealt two damage to Froelich. Morbid Hunger followed to kill the Elephant token, and all of a sudden Cowley was back in the game, A second Elephant Ambush put the pressure back on, and if Froelich ever got to eight lands there would be two more Elephants breathing down Cowley's neck. Flame Burst and Toxic Stench killed the Elephant before it did any damage. Narcissism and Wild Mongrel made Froelich's board even better, but a flashed back Morbid Hunger was able to kill the Mongrel since Froelich only had one card in hand. Still, Anurid Barkripper and Milikin eventually filled up Froelich's side, and the power of Narcissism was simply too much. Froelich won the game, putting Lovespell up in matches 1-0.

Frank started off his third game with Thought Nibbler and Cephalid Scout, but missed his third land drop. He drew land in time, and after some trading, the game was essentially at a point of parity except for Screams of the Damned on Borteh's side. The enchantment eventually cleared the board, and Borteh came back with Skywing Aven while Frank had Wild Mongrel. Screams of the Damned kept clearing away Frank's threats, but Borteh had to be careful since he was at a much lower life total. Acorn Harvest allowed Seton's Desire to make a squirrel 3/3 with Lure. However, Borteh had Aura Graft to move the enchantment to his Skywing Aven. That, along with Soul Scourge, gave Borteh the game, and Lovespell the match. Manning won his game and match against Benafel.

Lovespell- 2 Green Monsters- 1

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