Round 5 Feature Match: Your Move Games vs. Bergerons

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Deck Construction: Bergerons

These two teams could hardly be more distinguished. The six men sitting at this table have won well over $300,000 playing this game, and they'll win a lot more before they're done. Bergerons is Ken Ho with black/white, Brian Kibler with red/green, and Ben Rubin with blue/green, playing Darwin Kastle with red/green, Dave Humpherys with black/blue, and Rob Dougherty with white/blue, respectively.

Brian Kibler and Dave Humpherys played the first match of the three to begin and the first match to end. In the first game, "The Hump" played first, but Kibler had the first two plays with Diligent Farmhand and Nantuko Tracer. Dave played a Shadowmage Infiltrator, drawing attention of the spectators, but Kibler just played Petravark to stunt Dave's mana, then Acorn Harvest and Rites of Initiation. The game was over on turn six.

The second game, Kibler started with Farmhand again and played not one but two Acorn Harvests. You'd think that would be good, but Humpherys had his "Finkel" Infiltrator going for the whole game, and a key sideboard card, Infected Vermin. Kibler made a valiant effort, but once the squirrels were eaten by rats, the Shadowmage's card advantage was just too much.

In the third game, Kibler didn't play anything for the first three turns, which is always a bad sign for red/green. Dave already had Treacherous Werewolf and Childhood Horror in play when Brian played Acorn Harvest. Forced to be on the defensive for the whole game, Kibler could never really get anything going as Dave played a variety of 2/1 and 2/2 creatures. Beast Attack might have turned the tide if it weren't for Crypt Creeper, and a Morbid Hunger from Dave sealed the deal.

Meanwhile, in a much slower match (but not the slowest), Darwin Kastle played against recent Pro Tour winner Ken Ho. Darwin started strong with Wild Mongrel, but Ho had Kirtar's Desire. Sylvan Safekeeper and Barbarian Lunatic tried to restart the offensive, but Ken played a Dirty Wererat and then Border Patrol. Kastle was forced to use Fiery Temper to kill the Patrol, hoping to ride the Anurid Scavenger in his hand to victory. Ken played Soul Scourge, and Kastle played the Scavenger. The race was on! Ken made the race trickier with Unquestioned Authority on his Wererat, and soon after Chastised the Anurid Scavenger, swinging things completely into his favor.

For the second game in this match, Darwin again started well, with Sylvan Safekeeper, Werebear and Chatter of the Squirrel. Ken tried to stop the bleeding with Slithery Stalker, but it got Firebolted immediately. The Sylvan Messenger kept Ho from being able to use his removal effectively, and Caustic Tar is no blocker, so Ken was soon dead.

In the third game, Ho played more enchantments than creatures. After a couple of creatures got killed in the beginning, with Darwin beating for a little bit, Ken Cagemailed Kastle's Barbarian Lunatic. This is generally not an optimal play, since the Barbarian can still be sacrificed to deal two damage to a creature, but if you never need to play another creature... Ken followed that up with Caustic Tar, and then another Cagemail on one of Darwin's squirrels. Darwin tried to get a real offense going with Wild Mongrel, but Ho had yet another annoying enchantment: Kirtar's Desire. Darwin didn't get another creature to live through Ken's other removal, and the Caustic Tar quickly finished him off.

So it all came down to the third match, an epic battle of control. Ben Rubin played his blue/green deck against Rob Dougherty's blue/white deck. The first game was misleading; it actually looked like this match would involve such basic concepts as attacking and blocking. Rob played Angelic Wall, but Ben's first two creatures were not much troubled by the wall: Wormfang Crab and Dreamwinder. Rob played a Mystic Zealot and then Cephalid Looter, but he couldn't get to threshold early enough to stop the Dreamwinder, and never drew anything at all that could stop the unblockable Crab.

The second game was much, much different. Fairly quickly the ground situation stalled out, with Patrol Hound, Looter, Mirror Wall, Phantom Nomad and Resilient Wanderer on Dougherty's side of the table, and Dreamwinder, Werebear, Balshan Griffin, and Seton's Scout on the other side. Rob tried to stop the flying beats with Ghostly Wings on his Wanderer, but Ben played Spelljack. He couldn't use the Ghostly Wings right away since Rob had Floating Shield in play (on Ben's Dreamwinder to get rid of Ben's own Ghostly Wings). However, Ben could Scrivener back the Spelljack. Dougherty took advantage of Rubin being tapped out to cast a Zealot, which successfully locked up the air battle. Ben tried to get rid of the Zealot with Coral Net, but Rob had Shelter. Ben cast the Ghostly Wings, which Rob let resolve since he had Aura Graft. Then he used Auramancer to get Ghostly Wings out of the graveyard, and tried to cast Scrivener to also retrieve an instant. Ben Spelljacked that, returning his Spelljack again! Rob tried to Churning Eddy his own Scrivener, so Ben Spelljacked that. Spectators were hoping for him to get to cast Spelljack a fourth time by bouncing his Scrivener, but Rubin just decided to slow down Rob, who was building a better army than Ben thanks to the Looter which had been in play since turn three. Time was running low at this point, and Rob was Looting like crazy in an attempt to draw Ambassador Laquatus, as it has become clear that no one will be attacking for the win. Time ran out, and on the last extra turn Dougherty has three cards left in his library, but still hasn't found the tricky Merfolk. He Looted one last time and finally drew Laquatus, but since Ben had no more draw phases, it was of no use. Rob could only shake his head and try an all out attack, which accomplished nothing. Ben won his match 1-0, so Bergerons won a tough match.

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