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"What's the best movie you've seen lately?"

Brian Davis: Vanilla Sky, but *insert spoilers here* Eric Taylor: Memento Brian Hacker: Enter: the Dragon

"Which card will you miss the most when Invasion Block rotates out?"

Jeff Cunningham: Flametongue Kavu Zvi Mowshowitz: Fact or Fiction Alex Shvartsman: Spiritmonger

"Who will win the World Cup tomorrow?"

Steve OMS: Brazil, cause the women are hot! Zvi Mowshowitz: Who's playing? Rob Dougherty: I'm American, I don't know.

"What's your favorite colors to draft in Odyssey Block?"

Eric Taylor: Mono Green, it smashes! Mike Turian: White/Red. It's all about Ember Shot. Steve OMS: Black/Blue

"Which team will win worlds this year?"

Jeff Cunningham: Germany Mike Turian: The Americans Alex Shvartsman: The Netherlands
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