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"With PT Chicago coming in two weeks, how much time did you spend preparing for this?"

Brian Davis: (see picture) Darwin Kastle: "I didn't actually spend much time playtesting, but I thought about playtesting a lot." Eugene Harvey: "Other people did the playtesting for me."

"What deck do you wish you could play, but can't because of the metagame?"

Eric Taylor: "Aluren, except for that damn Engineered Plague card." Ken Krouner: "I gave that deck to Matt Linde." Mike Pustilnik: "There is no such deck."

"Which player has had the wildest time so far in New Orleans?"

Eugene Harvey: "I've had a pretty good time." Jon Becker: "Eugene Harvey" Antonino DeRosa: "Gerard Fabano"

"How many players are going to make day two, but then not show up on Sunday because they were out partying?"

William Jensen: "I put the line at .5" Jon Becker: "Hopefully all of them." Darwin Kastle: "There was the one time Trevor Blackwell didn't show up..."

"How big will Sligh be this weekend?"

Eugene Harvey: "Not as big as in Reims." Zvi Mowshowitz: "Not as big as I thought yesterday." Ken Krouner: "10% of the field."

"What will be the most played deck today?"

Darwin Kastle: "Tog, Rock and Blue-Green Madness." Eric Taylor: "Blue-Green Madness - it's done well in the PTQ's so far." Mike Pustilnik: "You know better than I do."

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