Mike Turian vs. Dave Humpherys


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The letter M!ike and Dave got down to business rather quickly. They are both vets and have been in this situation before, still, they remain friendly as usual. Dave won the die roll and chose to play.

Game 1

The first game started blindingly fast, with Mike playing a first turn Steel wall and Rob playing a second turn Lumingrid Warden.

Yes, this would be a long game - or at least you would think so…

Mike decided to get more aggressive by Bonsplittering up his Steel Wall, hoping that some hapless creature might stumble into the axe sticking out of the wall. Dave had bigger plans over the next few turns, using Altars Light to deal with Mikes Skeleton Shard, and playing out a Leonin Sun Standard backed by a Clockwork Condor.

Arcbound Bruiser

Mike was struggling a little with his mana, stuck on four, and Dave played out another flier in the form of a Skyhunter Patrol. Mike delayed the inevitable for a little longer by draining the Patrol, but without a good answer for the Sun Standard he was sure to lose. After casting a One Dozen Eyes and making a futile attack, Mike conceeded to the Sun Standard.

Dave Humpherys 1-0

Game 2

Turian, unphazed by the loss asked Dave if he ever played in the arena league with the old Vanguard cards. Unsurprisingly, his answer was no.

"Can you name the crew of the Weatherlight?"
-Mike Turian

"I don't even know what the Weatherlight is!"
…Also Mike Turian

Mike was hoping for a little bit of a better draw in Game 2, but Dave's hand could not have been better. Dave started the game by playing a Vulshok's Morningstar on turn 2, then following it up with Loxodon Warhammer on turn 3.

Mike played out a Skeleton Shard and an Arcbound Bruiser, but it paled in comparison to Daves Clockwork Condor with Vulshok Morningstar and Loxodon Warhammer. After one attack the life totals swung to Mike12, Dave 28. Without any artifact or good creature removal in his deck, Mike was doomed.

An attack two turns later with Spire Golem, Lumingrid Warden, and the Condor got a little 'rar' out of Dave as he cast an uneeded Stir of the Pride to win the game.

Dave Humpherys 2-0

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