Day Two:

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The letter W!e're back in Orange Hall for day two of Grand Prix Okayama, as the Top 64 players will battle it out in six rounds of swiss competition, looking for a spot in the Top 8. Psychatog came out on top yesterday and is being played by more players today than any other deck, but it remains to be seen if that success will translate towards the later rounds. The "Loop Junction" Life combo deck is turning plenty of heads, placing three of the four people who played it into today's rounds. There's plenty more rogue to be had, including Satoshi Nakamura's Crush Weaver and Kiyoshi Sasanuma's White-Green Troll Beatdown creation. Some pros are staying with tried and true decks, and it's paid off well- Itaru Ishida and Osamu Fujita ended yesterday's competition at 8-0 with Blue-Black Reanimator and Goblins respectively. Who will end up successful in the end? Stay tuned to our coverage to find out.
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