Makihito Mihara vs. Masami Ibamoto

Round Eleven Feature Match:

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Masami Ibamoto had some experience on the Pro Tour, but left competitive Magic to work for Hobby Japan. He quit, and waited out the six months before he could play in sanctioned events again. He's back, and in a big way, making waves in this Grand Prix with his Loop Junktion infinite life combo deck.

Game 1

Ibamoto started off with Nomads en-Kor and Daru Spiritualist, one card away from the infinite life combo. Mihara knew this, and stayed back with counterspell mana. He allowed Ibamoto's Living Wish to resolve, and was very surprised to see him fetch Starlit Sanctum, which gave Ibamoto an uncounterable final combo piece. He gained infinite life, and Mihara started counting cards to see if he could win via decking.

Mihara- "GG"
Ibamoto- "GG!"
Me- "Even I can understand that."

Mihara- 0 Ibamoto- 1

Game 2

Mihara started this game far better, opening with a first turn Isochron Scepter with Fire/Ice thanks to Chrome Mox. A few turns later, a second Scepter with Fire/Ice came out, crippling Ibamoto's mana while Mihara gained some insane card advantage. Ibamoto used Eldamri's Call to get Daru Spiritualist, a combo piece that wouldn't die to Fire. Once he drew enough land to get past the Ice Scepters, the Spiritualist came out along with Shaman en-Kor. Mihara wasn't in any real danger, however, as he cast Upheaval and brought out Psychatog with the help of two Chrome Moxen.

Mihara- 1 Ibamoto- 1

Game 3

Mihara played a first turn Powder Keg with the help of Chrome Mox, and Ibamoto absolutely annihilated the early board with Serenity. It destroyed the Keg and Mox on the following upkeep, and Task Force was Counterspelled. Living Wish searched up a Sanctum, and Ibamoto summoned Shaman en-Kor. Mihara dug into his library for cards with a pair of Accumulated Knowledge, and Ibamoto cast Living Wish, getting a Daru Spiritualist that was Mana Leaked. Mihara now played Dust Bowl, which could take care of the Sanctum combo piece. The en-Kor attacked, and Ibamoto played Academy Rector. Mihara cast Fact or Fiction on end step, and Ibamoto made the piles Bloodstained Mire, Brainstorm, Psychatog and Accumulated Knowledge, Fire/Ice- Mihara took the two card pile. He then untapped, and used Dust Bowl to destroy the Sanctum. Living Wish searched up Wasteland, which destroyed the Dust Bowl that would have eventually destroyed all of Ibamoto's land. The Rector and Shaman continued to attack, and Ibamoto played a second Rector followed by a Sanctum. Accumulated Knowledge put Mihara ahead on cards, as did another Fact or Fiction. The piles were Fact or Fiction, two land and Psychatog, Fire/Ice- Mihara took the Psychatog pile. He played a Powder Keg to eventually kill the Shaman, and brought out the 'Tog. Ibamoto attacked with his 1/2 team, bringing Mihara down to four. Interestingly, he played a second Shaman en-Kor with the Powder Keg out, and when it got a second counter on Mihara's upkeep, both died. Ice tapped down Kor Haven, and the Psychatog came through for lethal damage.

Mihara- 2 Ibamoto- 1

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