Itaru Ishida vs. Kazaya Hirabayashi

Round Six Feature Match:

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The letter T!his round we have a battle of reanimation decks, as Hirabayashi's Angry Hermit inspired Dancing Ghoul deck goes up against Ishida's more traditional blue-black reanimator. Thus far both players have fared well, coming into this round at 5-0. This match is a contrast in reputations, as Ishida is one of Japan's most experienced Magic veterans, while Hirabayashi is extremely well-respected as a writer and deck builder.

Game 1

Hirabayashi played Mox Diamond and City of Brass, and Ishida played Putrid Imp. Mystical Tutor searched up Buried Alive, which put two Krosan Cloudscrapers and Sutured Ghoul into Hirabayashi's graveyard. It seemed that Hirabayashi was set for a quick kill, but Ishida cast Careful Study, put Akroma into his graveyard, and Reanimated Hirabayashi's Ghoul to get it out of the way and provide a 6/6 body (Akroma was removed from the game for the Ghoul). Hirabayashi cast Burning Wish to get Exhume and brought back a Cloudscraper, which was representing lethal damage if Hirabayashi had Fling, due to Ishida taking a point from a sac-land. Even this plan was foiled, as Ishida used Duress to strip the Fling away from Hirabayashi's hand, and then Reanimated a Phantom Nishoba.

Ishida- 1 Hirabayashi- 0

Game 2

Hirabayashi mulliganed his opening hand, and played a first turn Mox Diamond, digging for a land with Overmaster. It wasn't waiting on top of the deck, and this was not the time to get a bad draw. Ishida played Careful Study, discarded two Akromas, played Chrome Mox, and put the powerhouse legend into play all on turn one. Hirabayashi just laughed, and conceded a turn later.

Ishida- 2 Hirabayashi- 0

Itaru Ishida
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