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"What deck are you bringing to the States next weekend?"

EDT: "Opposition—but shhhhh, it’s a secret." Mikey P: "Psychatog, with Read the Runes." PTR: "I’m bringing the Battle, baby!"

"Which six-casting-cost legend do you most want to open in Onslaught?"

Dave Price: "Rorix." Alex Shvartsman: "That 8/5 trampling green guy." Mike Turian: "Rorix Bladewing."

"If you weren’t here at the GP today, what would you be doing?"

EDT: "Lounging in the bathtub, eating bonbons, and reading sci-fi novels about scantily clad women." Brian Davis: "*CENSORED*" Ken Krouner: "Playtesting for PT Houston with team CMU"

"What’s the best uncommon out of Onslaught for limited?"

PTR: "Slice and Dice, cause it’s red" Alex Shvartsman: "Death Pulse" Mikey P: "Centaur Glade"

"What card will be a surprise hit in Extended at Pro Tour Houston?"

Mike Turian: "Tangle Wire." Brian Davis: "Festering Goblin." Zvi Mowshowitz: "Nothing in Houston will be a surprise to me!"

"Which tribe from Onslaught makes the best constructed deck?"

Dave Price: "Goblins." PTR: "Pit Fighters." Jeff Cunningham: "Elves."

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