Sealed Deck Breakdown: Rounds 1-4

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Analyzing decklists from Rounds 1-4 in this tournament is like looking at the results of an Italian election: because it's so diverse and different, no one archetype is truly dominant over all the others; however, green/red still has a big enough percentage of the vote to win lots of games today in every single seat.

Seat A Decklist Breakdown

Mono-Black: 3
Black/Blue: 13
Black/Green: 15
Black/Red: 22
Black/White: 33
Blue/Green: 4
Blue/Red: 18
Blue/White: 20
Mono-Green: 1
Green/Red: 43
Green/White: 4
Mono-Red: 2
Red/White: 16
Mono-White: 1

As you can see, green/red's the most popular of all the archetypes, followed closely by pretty much anything with black in it. It's interesting to note that of the seven single-colored decks played in Seat A, the only white one was piloted by Mike Pustilnik. I had the privilege of watching his feature match, and saw his deck filled with Clerics and Soldiers put up a valiant effort.

Seat B Decklist Breakdown:

Mono-Black: 3
Black/Blue: 15
Black/Green: 21
Black/Red: 12
Black/White: 26
Blue/Green: 3
Blue/Red: 32
Blue/White: 19
Mono-Green: 2
Green/Red: 44
Green/White: 1
Mono-Red: 1
Red/White: 15
Mono-White: 1
Red/Blue/Black/White: 1

Green/red retains its dominance in this seat, but it still doesn't have a clear majority. It's interesting to note that people in the B seat seem to prefer playing with black/white and blue/red more than those sitting in the A seat.

Except for the guy at the end. I don't know what he was thinking, exactly.

Seat C Decklist Breakdown:

Mono-Black: 1
Black/Blue: 15
Black/Green: 21
Black/Red: 12
Black/White: 26
Blue/Green: 4
Blue/Red: 23
Blue/White: 26
Mono-Green: 2
Green/Red: 43
Red/White: 14
Mono-White: 2
Black/Red/Green: 2
White/Blue/Red: 1

In Seat C, even though green/red is still popular, the other colors don't show nearly as much conformity. Seat C seems to be where everything gets thrown together and played more haphazardly than any other seat, and it shows when you look at the deck breakdowns.

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