2003 Grand Prix Pittsburgh Photo Coverage

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Illuminati - Grand Prix - Pittsburgh Champions! Sunday Players
The masses gaze upon the glory of the Finals. Sunday Players
Mowshowitz enters the Red Zone against Gindy. Sunday Players
Orellana and Shvartsman duke it out. Sunday Players
Gary vs. Duguid in the final match. Sunday Players
Prodigy drafts in the finals. Sunday Players
The Top 4 teams from Grand Prix - Pittsburgh. Sunday Players
Top 4: Illuminati Sunday Players
Top 4: Prodigy Sunday Players
Top 4: Northern Lights #5 Sunday Players
Top 4: Phoque Foundation Sunday Players
Over 150 people played in the Sunday PTQ. Sunday Players
Josh Bennett, Anthony Edwards, and Mike Pustilnik play games that are too complicated to be fun. Sunday Players
A crowd gathers to watch the Ubermenschen and Northern Lights #5 fight for a Top 4 berth. Sunday Players
Krzywicki vs. Rubin in Round 11. Sunday Players
Schneider vs. Kibler in Round 11. Sunday Players
Ho vs. Long in Round 11. Sunday Players
BDM relishes the spotlight while Flores hides from it. Sunday Players
Duguid, Gindy, and Orenalla are still at the top. Sunday Players
Ho, Rubin, and Kibler are total gas. At least according to them. Sunday Players
Prodigy vs. Ubermenschen for first place. Sunday Players
People gravitate to the Feature Match area. Sunday Players
Artist Adam Rex signs cards for fans. Sunday Staff
Artist Ron Spears shows his wares. Sunday Staff
Ubermenschen smugly fill out their deck reg forms. Sunday Players
Prodigy register their Round 10 decks. Sunday Players
Judge John Carter keeps things moving in the Ubermenschen/Prodigy draft. Sunday Players
Hunka, Aten, and Aten: The Fun Police. Sunday Players
Pollock, Rood, Wolfman: 2020. Sunday Players
2020 vs. The Fun Police in Round 9. Sunday Players
A crowd gathers to watch Efro Naked vs. Illuminati. Sunday Players
The Fun Police draft against 2020 to start day 2. Sunday Players
Prodigy macks as the only 8-0's. Saturday Players
Allbright, Severa, and Hron are Supernova. Saturday Players
Orellana, Gindy, and Duguid. You know, Prodigy. Saturday Players
Prodigy vs. Supernova for most of the marbles. Saturday Players
Gerard employs his handy sweat/drool rag to calm his nerves. Saturday Players
Slay Pillage Gerard vs. Brock Bottom in the must-win Round 7. Saturday Players
Brock Bottom trade the 52-card decks in for 40-carders every now and then. Saturday Players
The middle one is Gerard, but I don't know which is Slay and which is Pillage. Saturday Players
The cluttered board of Ho vs. Woods. Saturday Players
Ubermenschen notch a victory. Saturday Players
Ho and Woods in the excruciating white mirror. Saturday Players
The pretentious Ubermenschen. Saturday Players
Woods, Rose, and James are... The Jokaz! Saturday Players
TO Mike Guptil basks in the glow of the large attendance. Saturday Staff
Deke Young and Anthony Edwards are pushing DragonCon, home of the upcoming Grand Prix - Atlanta. Saturday Staff
Mary Van Tyne stays on top of the action. Saturday Staff
Round 5: Juice Bottle Gnome vs. The Muppet Show. Saturday Players
Juice Bottle Gnome, captained by Mike Dove, play in Round 5. Saturday Players
The Muppet Show concentrates in Round 5. Saturday Players
Turian gives Cunningham the magical Trickery Charm. Saturday Players
Cunningham, Harvey, and Turian yuk it up during deck construction. Saturday Players
Round 4 action: Kem Cards Togit. Saturday Players
Fear me. Saturday Players
Are there any other games in town? No. Saturday Players
The ragtag Kem Cards. Saturday Players
Your Move Games play in round 4. Saturday Players
Slay-Pillage-Gerard toil in the trenches. Saturday Players
Mr. Babycakes just grows and grows. Saturday Players
Justin, Zvi, and Alex: the familiar Illuminati Saturday Players
Zadjner, Breider, and Taylor are the Wascally Weasels Saturday Players
Round 3: Illuminati vs. Wascally Weasels Saturday Players
Gab Tsang battles Ken Krouner as the pros wait for their byes to expire. Saturday Players
Head Judge Nat Fairbanks is already irked. Saturday Staff
Mike Turian watches his girlfriend and his father play as part of Marari. Saturday Players
Whine and Cheese in Round 1. Saturday Players
The Radisson Hotel: part of the Exposition Center, and temporary home to many gamers. Saturday Site
The Monroeville ExpoMart, site of the event. Saturday Site
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